bits and pieces.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Either I’ve been busy doing busy-type things, or I’ve been watching TV, reading, and coughing. Home remedies for coughs have been offered up by many and sundry friends, the internet, and my mother. I settled on the one that was equal parts honey and cinnamon mixed into a paste, and eaten several spoonsful a day. not bad really, the honey tones down the burn of the cinnamon and the cinnamon kind of lessens that honey flavor, so basically you get a mouthful of sweet paste with a mild red-hot candy warmth at the end of it. And I don’t cough for a little while afterward. It could be all placebo, or it could be I only think of eating it when I’m not coughing, who knows. It’s not bad, much nicer than Robitussin. It hasn’t cured my cold or solved Climate Change, or any of the other myriad promises, but it has taken care of my rampant sweet tooth.

#3 and Wife came for a visit this weekend. They are expecting a baby, and wanted to share the news and results of the latest ultrasound. Baby is whole, healthy with all parts functioning properly, spine in place, and waving arms and legs. And…a boy! The whole, healthy, and intact was the most important part, and this family kind of adores boys (good thing, too, as we have many many of them). We are going to be Grandparents and it really kind of sunk in, what with pictures and Wife looking in The Family Way. It is sinking in with #3 as well, as he kept thumping his chest and saying “Now I am the Pater Familias!”  He is also suffering a bit of the nerves about it all, but that is normal and understandable. Wife is very calm about it, as she seems to be about nearly everything. It’s a good thing. Someone in that family needs to be.

It is very nearly Spring. The daffodils are up and I see buds. The windows and doors are open with a breeze. Seed orders have arrived and this week time needs to be set aside to fill pots and plant seeds and get the greenhouse and cold frame cranking. It’s time to start the peppers and tomatoes and eggplants. It’s time to get greens and roots planted in the beds. I see from the weather reports that there is a cold front coming in, but that’s why God invented greenhouses and indoors so stuff can be kept warm.

As much as I was whining back in September and October about it being hot and I was wanting rich stews and thick gravies and winter foods like that, I am now ready to put aside the chowders and stews and start having green salads and early peas and tiny shoots and leaves and rabbit food like that. It Is Time.

I bought a pullman loaf pan the other day. It’s a bread pan that makes perfect square sandwich bread, like the stuff you buy in the store and those individually wrapped processed cheese product-like sandwich squares fit perfectly on the slices, for cheese toast or whatever.

It’s all the rage right now, since toast is the New Sushi or something. Look it up, all the hipsters in San Francisco are eating artisan toast made in pullman loaf pans. Oh, and Whole grain bread….SO 2001. It’s white bread now. Good soft white bread toasted and smeared with smashed avocados and onion jam. I ain’t lyin. But, the biggest complaint Himself and #4 have had about homemade bread is the weird shape of the loaves. So I bought the pan and am going to try my hand at hipsterBread.  Isn’t it funny….useta be that white bread was the bread of royalty, way back in the wayback, and coarse wheat bread was for peasants. Then that flipflopped, and now it has flipped again. Anyone who’s anyone and knows anything is eating white pullman toast. And to think I am very nearly almost on the cutting edge. Go me.  Whenever I get the nerve up to host Book Club, I will serve tea and toast points with homemade fig preserves.  And the tea will be served in mis-matched mugs because tea cups are SO 2012. I wonder if EastSouthGeorgia is ready for such culinary forward thinking. I won’t use styrofoam cups because even the open minded ladies of the book club aren’t ready for THAT. I know I’m not.

What’s the latest forward-thinking yet harmless sort of thing have YOU indulged in recently?


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3 Responses to bits and pieces.

  1. jerseechik says:

    I just bought a grain grinder embership and a gym mfor myself. Because it’s SO 2001, and in 2001 I was 35 pounds lighter and a lot more energetic. I’m still overly optimistic, though, in 2015.

  2. Judy says:

    Congratulations on the expected Grand Boy! I don’t do anything hip–I’ve always eaten white bread–I do like to make my own however–one of these pans looks fun.

  3. Sally Crowe says:

    I’ve never made bread; but when you mentioned fig preserves that brought so many great memories. My mom always made it, and so delicious. 🙂

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