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Here in the South,which is all I can speak for because it’s where I’ve lived since I was 9, talking about money is In Poor Taste, taboo even. You don’t do it.  Well, except for some people,who have such good … Continue reading

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Mood swings

I’ve written before about being bipolar, and the FUN and EXCITEMENT! that comes with it. You read about Charlie Sheen and his tiger blood, and how it’s classic mania. Catherine Zeta-Jones quietly announces she’s going into a hospital for a … Continue reading

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I did something I’d never done before.

I did something today I’d never done before, or ever even thought I’d do. It just wasn’t on my radar or bucket list or anything remotely important. however, I had time. My car needed some work done before we went … Continue reading

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I can’t talk about this because it’s a Family Matter. I can’t talk about that because it’s TMI. I can’t talk about the other because it’s tacky and in poor taste. So I talk about all this light fluffy stuff … Continue reading

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Another Silly Meme

Trish did a generic tag of whoever wants to do this, and since it’s been a while since I’ve done one I’m going to to it now. 7 random things….consider yourself tagged. 1.I buy things that have the pink Breast … Continue reading

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File under TMI.02

Is there anything lovelier than the sensation of wind whistling thought the caverns of your gut? I feel so airy. I am doing better and better. I decided crutches were not in order after all, thanks to the amazing spasms … Continue reading

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