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Whuppin’ our asses

We’re all getting whupped in our own respective departments. Terry and David(19, our second son) are attempting to replace the cracked radiator on David’s ’91 Acura. He’s been patching it with JB-Weld to buy time, but time is up and … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s the medication

Here the past week or so, I’ve been sentimental. Maudlin, even. I look at a pile of matchbox cars on the floor and want to cry, because I know in a couple of years they’ll all be packed up in … Continue reading

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That Garden Stuff

It’s that time of year, to prep the raised beds, commit weedicide on the betony, and show the dude at Lowes that yes, you can fit 200 pounds of cow manure in the trunk of a New Beetle. He didn’t … Continue reading

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Seeds, wonderful seeds

We went to Lowes yesterday, to get a tube of something and a couple of sticks of something else. When I walked in the front door I was…well…assaulted (maybe), bewitched (probably a better word) by the newly stocked seed display. … Continue reading

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The Rose of the Day

Lady of the Dawn, no longer available through Jackson and Perkins, which is too bad because it’s really, really lovely and remarkably easy to care for, as roses go. Sweet Daddio gave me this rose for my birthday some…oh…12 or … Continue reading

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3 of the 4 kittens now have homes elsewhere. The last one #3 wants to keep for himself, says that they are buddies, and I can see this is true from the way the kitten follows him around everywhere, and … Continue reading

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I think today, I may plant snow peas and beets. I got this huge envelope in the mail yesterday, return address said “David Austin Roses, Tyler, Texas” and I was all “wot, I got a catalog already” so I opened … Continue reading

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