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Somebody get these guys in a Biology Class

Will someone please get these men a biology class? First, Representative Todd Akin says that women who are victims of legitimate rape won’t conceive because the body shuts down and prevents conception. I am, because I am nice this way, … Continue reading

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Dear You guys who control everything,

Warning: This is a bona fide rant. If you have trouble with strong opinions, go here. Ok menfolk. This is the 21st century and it is commonly acknowledged that women are every bit as smart as men. Or it should … Continue reading

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I don’t do it often, but today I say WTF!?

We all know it. Life sometimes sucks. Sometimes it’s pretty good, and sometimes it leaves you wondering W.T.F. I mean, seriously WHAT THE FAAAAA…(or something like that) I have this 22 yr old son. I love him dearly, and he’s … Continue reading

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Information and all

I’ve said before, Terry’s work is causing him no small amount of stress. His boss, El Presidente, is showing signs of early stages of dementia. A while back I said how dementia takes personality characteristics and inflates them. We see … Continue reading

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I’m trying to flesh out a post about this whole scary religion thing. Several people, here and on facebook, have expressed fears of people like the Duggar family, calling them creepy and all. Which made me wonder. I’m not so … Continue reading

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The Prank

Because he’s nice that way, and because he’d reconnected with many of his old classmates there, Himself decided to ‘friend’ his old high school girlfriend (I almost said ‘sweetheart’ but that would be a gross mischaracterization), and right out of … Continue reading

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3:15 am

Ok, there is NOTHING reasonable about being up at 3:15am unless it’s from STILL being up. Which this is not. I slept fine until I had to get up at 2, then I bumped Terry’s arm getting back in bed … Continue reading

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