#3 and Grandpunkin spent the day here. This happens once or twice a week. They show up around 7:30 or 8am, have breakfast with us, and the day goes on. Having a Grandpunkin in the house is fun…all noise and dirt and matchbox cars and Cheezits. “Greasy Crumb-Crusher” is what The Fella calls anyone under 4 feet tall. Grandpunkin fits that description perfectly. Earlier today (and it was a cool day) he decided shoes and pants were for losers, and took his off. The menfolk were in the garage, putting new brakes on #1’s car, and GP was wandering around, I assumed being relatively supervised by the 3 men. When I saw him trotting across the driveway, shovel in hand and no pants to be seen, I squawked and The Fella informed me that we should all be as comfortable with ourselves to be able to wander around pantsless. Since GP is a chunky little thing, well upholstered and unlikely to suffer, I chose not to worry too much and he and I hunted for the missing clothes until they were located in the backyard, next to the firepit.

I watched #3 a lot today. Not out of any sort of supervisory thing, but just…watching him. Thinking about what could have been but wasn’t. How 8 months ago he was in the ICU, and we didn’t know if he would ever get out of it. How broken his body was, and today he was chopping wood and fixing cars and driving a utility cart around the property. Today he used a chainsaw and ate a hamburger and listened to music and laughed and complained and…LIVED. Sometimes I am sad at the changes in his life, the frustrations he has to endure, his mental changes, and his current inability to work, but I step back and compare that to what might have been and…my heart is full.

Today, my oldest son was promoted, got a raise and spent time with his grandparents. He has found purpose and some contentment.

Today, my second son called from his training program in Birmingham, showed off some serious tech he’s been given for his new job, and talked about his future.  He’s found a reason to get up in the morning and something about which he can be enthusiastic.

Today, my fourth son called and is starting his 3rd semester of school on Monday. He is working, and living with his uncle and aunt, and has goals, and a place to plant his beloved gerber daisies.

Today, I have The Fella, 4 sons who are doing well, parents who live 200 yards away and I can help them out.

I know I’m not special and God does whatever He wants to do and sometimes those things aren’t what I want but right now, at 7:06am on a normal Thursday morning, I’m very blessed and I’m grateful for that.



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1 Response to Philosophical

  1. Marla says:

    So glad to get caught up on your family, and so happy for you that the darkest days seem to be behind you and the future ahead is bright!

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