I remember

#3 was chopping wood in the backyard today.  It’s something he loves to do and it’s helping get his strength back.  Anyway, we had music going on the phone (isn’t technology amazing) and Grandpunkin was picking out songs. (Aren’t kids amazing? 3 years old and he can pick out songs on his daddy’s phone) He played Toto’s “Africa” and we started singing along with it.  Here’s the story behind that…

A while back…several years and before he was married…#3 and #1 shared a house. They worked different shifts and because #3 was an assho…I mean…a jerk…he would play “Africa” on repeat and really loud when he came home from work and #1 was trying to sleep.  It became a joke after a while and #1 would do the same when #3 was trying to sleep.

Skip ahead a few years to May 30 of 2018

When #3 was still unconscious in the hospital after his accident, his brothers came to see him and when they walked in the room, they started singing “Africa”. #3’s heart rate and brain activity (he was on an EEG…wires wires everywhere) jumped and it was the first time we’d seen any real response from him. It was just a couple of days after his accident and we didn’t know at that point if he was even still in there. After that, we knew he was there and it was just a matter of time…even though the neurologists were telling us he wasn’t.


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