2019 and all is well

Yes, it’s been a while. So sue me, I’ve been busy.  Doing what, you ask. What could possibly be more important than writing on the Interwebs on a regular basis?  So I’ll catch you up on stuff.

#3 is doing well. Physically he is healing up beautifully, though he has been left with Barometric joints. Yep. Now he feels the weather like old people and he’s only 27. He’s also not been cleared to work, though he has been cleared to drive, which is a relief for The Fine Wife.  The inability to work is very frustrating for him, but he still lacks the stamina to hold a regular job and certainly can’t do something as physically taxing as his previous one.  Hopefully he’ll be cleared to work sometime soon and can find something (anything, really) that will make use of his still-intact mechanical skills. The good news is that he’s alive and his brain is improving every day.

Work continues on The New House. A shop is slowly going in, but the rain rain rain and more rain has prevented the installation of the second shipping container and subsequent shop-construction. It’s Winter. It’s what Winter does. Also mud. The yard looks like a flamin’ pig wallow right now, what with multiple 4×4 trucks and #’s 1 and 2 parking here. Yes, due to #3’s situation they wanted to be close to family so have moved here. They’ve both found gainful work and are living here whilst saving paychecks to be able to rent some place nearby.

And I, after a hair over 30 years and a recent college graduation, am seeking gainful employment. I have discovered that an Associate’s Degree (Magna cum laude, y’all…) in Business Management was a wise decision. As was listing my resume online with Indeed. People are contacting me and that is…kind of…flattering.  Tomorrow (Jan. 8, 2019) is my first interview and while I don’t really intend to work for them because they’re 30 minutes away and I want to work part time so I can help my parents and Grandpunkin, the interview is a great trial run and a chance to test the interview chops.

You know, writing a resume was an interesting exercise. I really had no idea of what-all I’d done in the last 35 years until it was written down. There’s a lot. Mostly unpaid volunteer work but hey, it counts. One of the instructors at the college I attended actually told me to please use him as a referrence which was also sort of encouraging. There are a lot of things I’d done that I didn’t really think amounted to much until written down…like an ability to navigate LexisNexis, and other research stuff. I actually LOVE doing research and I’m darn good at it. Anyone want to hire me? I also make a great pot of coffee.

One of the local places that’s hiring actually has that on their requirements….you have to be able to make coffee. I guess that’s how they get around the politically incorrect request for a secretary, and administrative assistants are too Highly Trained to do something as pedestrian as make coffee. Heck, if it makes the office run more smoothly and the boss is happy and can do his job, I’ll make coffee all day long and maybe even bring cookies once in a while. I ain’t too proud for that. Magna cum laude or not. I’ll make the coffee.

Really and truly, all I want is an office job, and get paid to be organized. I love forms and filing and answering phones and making people’s lives run smoothly. I don’t want to be The Boss or The CEO or The Next Woman To Break The Glass Ceiling. I just don’t care about that. If I can make someone else’s work day run smoother and come home knowing I’d done a good thing for someone else, that’s enough for me.

When I was in school, I took classes with the idea of perhaps working for a non-profit, in some sort of administrative way. Non-profits don’t pay a whole lot, but I don’t need a whole lot. The idea of working in some way that would help others is appealing. Not in a young save-the-world sort of way, but in a what-can-I-do-to-help way. As a young person I was too selfish to be interested in saving the world, but now I’m ready to do my part for someone…I can’t save the world but if I can make one person’s life better then I’m good with that.

The interview I have tomorrow isn’t with a non-profit, but it is a chance to put on my navy blue suit and business-like watch and see if someone would be interested in the likes of me…53, grey hair and glasses, efficient and a stellar maker-of-coffee.  It’s a practice run and a chance to get over the inevitable nerves that come with knowing one is being judged for one’s history and vocabulary. And maybe typing skills which I can modestly say are prodigious.   Back in the day when I took typing as a senior in high school I was accused of cheating on the speed test because there was no way someone of 17 tender years could possibly blow out 90 words per minute and yet I couldn’t figure out how one cheated on a typing test that was dictated. And it was a manual typewriter too, because I wasn’t apparently worthy of an electric one so yes. 90 WPM on a 1950’s era Royal manual typewriter. 8 years of piano lessons didn’t hurt. I knew where my fingers where and what they did so yeah.  I am one of those Old School Secretary Types with the readers on a chain and wearing a twin-set and totally unfazed by anyone.

And I make excellent coffee.


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2 Responses to 2019 and all is well

  1. Beth says:

    I was actually let go from a job because I couldn’t make coffee – I don’t drink it either. Apparently even though I wrote kick-ass programs for an actuarial firm, coffee was the most important thing. Go figure.
    Can’t wait to hear which job you choose!

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