I used to be organized.

A long time ago, I was very, very organized. I was one of those people who started on Christmas stuff in June. Then, when it became apparent that this was borderline OCD, I waited until right after October 31 (did you know there’s a move to change the date of Halloween to some other time in October? but I digress….) to begin gathering all the stuff needed…like nuts and spices and yards of fabric and consulting the list of ideas that began in February.

Then that date slid from November 1 to December 1 and after Himself passed away it all became something of an afterthought or that 9pm semi-panic on December 20 that resulted in a flurry of Amazon gift certificates.  Thank goodness for cookies, too, because most people like them and fresher is better and you can double those batches with little ill effect.

Now there’s a Grandpunkin involved and I’m back into wanting to make some things more involved than flour, butter, and chocolate chips.  When The Boys were little, I loved making big squishy stuffed animals of the sort that could be used to lean on while watching the ubiquitous Thomas the Tank Engine videos that allowed me the opportunity to take a much needed shower. Grandpunkin isn’t the sort to be charmed by a curly-haired purple hippopotamus the size of a La-Z-Boy recliner (s’true…I made one of those. No idea what happened to that silly thing. Probably it’s still in the attic of a small house in South Alabama) (unless someone found it). He’s more of a dinosaur/shark/other toothy carnivorous animal type. He tends to be very proud of whatever shark/dinosaur/John Deer Monster Truck shirt he’s wearing, so I’m pondering how to incorporate those concepts into one beast. Research at the local fabric store happens whenever possible, and the discontinued pattern for a large child-sized stuffed shark was located on Etsy. How John Deere and velociraptors will meld into a shark is undetermined, but I’ve done it before (albeit 25 years ago), and shall do it again.

Everyone else will get cookies and coffee. Really Good Coffee (Coffee roasting friends of mine with Best Coffee Ever. Buy it. You won’t be sorry).


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1 Response to I used to be organized.

  1. B.B. says:

    I’m into doing a little less each year. Of course, the grands still get some stuff, but I’m cutting corners and doing more shopping online with every passing year. I’m good with it. But I know your grand will be over the moon with what ever you create.

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