So much!

I have a variety of reasons for moving here. I like the area. I’m near Mom and Dad, who aren’t Spring Chickens and I feel better about being close enough to help out. #3, The Fine Wife, and Grandpunkin are 10 minutes away (especially now that #3 had that accident and I can help out with him, give The Fine Wife some time to herself), it’s a great place to live, etc.

As I settle in, the reality of all that mentioned above is coming to fruition and I can see exactly how things are playing out. And I like it. Every bit of it. The house is comfortable and small enough to clean in a morning. Grandpunkin can come over and by George I think that’s my favorite part of all of it.

A long time ago, as the #s 1, 2, and 3 then 4 outgrew their toys, Himself and I made decisions about what to keep For The Grandchildren. When I moved here, I took stock of all those toys and smiled, especially as I remembered The Boys playing with them. All those Thomas the Tank Engine toys, the ones that we bought because they so loved the VHS tapes of the show (that allowed me to indulge in the occasional act of personal hygiene in the form of a 5 minute shower), yeah those….Grandpunkin loves them! AND Amazon Prime HAS THOSE SAME ORIGINAL SHOWS!


The map’s a little worn but still functional


When the boys were very young, we lived out in the country and due to a work thing, Himself deposited a very large (like 3 dumptruck loads) pile of dirt in the yard. Initially I thought he was nuts, but the boys were attracted to that pile like flies to molasses, and the immediate acquisition of Tonka trucks meant they were kept happy and occupied for the remaining 3 years we lived there. Better than any expensive fancy playground that pile was. Well, Full Circle just like the Thomas toys. We’ve acquired a big pile of gravel and sand to be spread out for the foundation of the shop building, and Grandpunkin was attracted to it like a fly/molasses situation. Add some Tonka trucks and simple instructions to rearrange the pile, and that 3 year old boy was kept occupied for several hours while the grownups chatted and drank iced tea. The Fella was informed that, once the pile was spread for it’s intended purpose, another one will need to happen because…look at this:

Chris dirt pile

See that groove across the top? That’s where he pushes the dumptruck to move a load to the back side.

So yeah, things are working out around here. The house is still messy and not yet completely settled in, but it’s getting there. But people come over and have iced tea and a bite to eat. Grandpunkin comes running from the car to say hey and immediately settles in to play, and…yes. I love it.

All the animals have settled in. Fears that Mom and Dad’s enormous German Shepherd would think the cats were tasty snacks disappeared right after one of the cats booped her on the nose and she grunted and layed down. The dogs (3 dachshunds) acted just like they always do: locating the nearest food bowl and well padded crate, and being content with that. With one exception…it took them all about 10 minutes to realize mom and Dad’s house was just over there, and since they’ve been here before and know where their pet door is, they occasionally make themselves at home there and take over Coco’s (that’s their dachshund) bed, much to Coco’s irritation and the rest of our’s amusement. Mom knows when I’m on my way over, because Rusty (my dog) runs ahead and lets himself in so he can greet me at the door (from the inside). One of the cats disappeared for 2 weeks, returning just yesterday. I was fairly convinced she’d become supper for the very large red-tailed hawk that is regularly seen doing a fly-over, but yesterday she turned up, skinny and vociferously declaring the sad state of hunting in the acreage behind the house. Some canned food, an egg with cream later, she’s happily esconced on my lap. Hopefully she’ll decide this is The Place to Be, because she’s a sweet thing and an excellent typing companion.

The best part of all this…Mom can come over for an afternoon for a cup of tea and some companionship while Dad is doing something in town. #3 and Family can come over and watch the football game, Grandpunkin can rearrange some dirt,  and it all feels just like I’d hoped it would. Now, once the house is in order, I can get to working on some stuff to sell. When we get the shop built (soon, I hope), The Fella can start making stuff as well. The list is long, and stuff continues to be added to it. Apparently that’s life, and…

Life is Good.



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2 Responses to So much!

  1. B.B. says:

    What a fantastic post. I’m so glad you’re settling in has gone so well. There’s nothing like being in close proximity to people you love, and being able to see Grandpunkin so often is a definite plus.

  2. pheenobarbidoll says:

    Yep, life is good. My 2 babies came over today and spent 4 hours playing with playdough. Happy as any 4 and 5 year old could be. Simple and cheap usually tends to be the best for little ones. Give em some dirt and a tool to scoop and enjoy. Sounds like you found a good fit for the coming years of life. That’s always nice.

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