Get to work!

#3 continues to improve. At this point, it has slowed down to more of a “filling in the details” sort of thing. He had those dramatic leaps, from comatose to talking in a month, and now he’s changing and improving in more subtle ways.

For instance, he feels like he’s 17, and says his memory stops at January 6, 2015. He doesn’t remember his father dying, or the birth of his son, or his house burning down. He knows those things happened, but simply doesn’t remember them. It hit me pretty hard, that he had to learn all over again about the death of his father. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, let alone my son.  He is daily amazed that he’s married to The Fine Wife, and the number of healed wounds on his body increases by 1 or 2 every day. When he first realized what they were, he said he had 27 of them. Actually I think he has 12 or 13, but 27 is the number I always used to mean “a lot”…as in “How many bags of groceries do you have to carry in?” “27!” or “how many children do you have?” “At least 27, possibly more.” So I think he was saying 27 because he knew there were a lot. However, that was about a week ago. Yesterday he had 31 and today he has 37.

He is bothered by the missing 3-1/2 years. Who wouldn’t be? He doesn’t remember what sort of work he did, or how he did it. He said he needs to go back to work and I told him right now his job is to do the physical and speech therapies to get into a position where he could go back to work. I told him of the man I’d met who had been in a similar situation as him, and it took him 2 years to recover but now you’d never know he was ever in an accident. “2 years. That’s a long time.” he said. It is a long time, but he was really badly hurt. “Mom, I think I died. I have a traumatic brain injury and my brain is having a hard time now. I can’t find the words.” “#3, a month ago you weren’t talking at all. 2 weeks ago you had words but none of them made sense. Now you can have a conversation and only miss a word now and then.”

A lot happened. People all of the world have been praying for him. He knows he is a miracle. He knows God has a plan for him, but right now he has to focus on getting his body working well, and getting his mind back on track. He may never recover those lost 3-1/2 years, or they might come back in bits and pieces, or he might wake up one morning and remember everything. No one can answer that. I hope he gets it back, so he can remember the birth of his son and all the things he and his family have done. I hope he can get back the skills and knowledge he had, and be able to return to work, or maybe school, or something. But for now, I am resting in the place where he’s at now. He’s talking, and walking (with help), in physical therapy to get his left arm and leg working like it should. That’s his job now.


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2 Responses to Get to work!

  1. B.B. says:

    Yes, getting better is his work for now. I am so happy for you and him and The Fine Wife. It is wonderful to hear about such progress.

  2. pheenobarbidoll says:

    So happy!!

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