A Difference of Opinion

Ok, so there’s The Fella and me. All’s good, I think we are both enjoying this whole Relationship Thing. Being 50-Somethings means we are both kinda set in our ways, but also both adult enough (I think) to recognize that and make accomodations.

Right now the thing I’m having to get used to is our culinary differences. He’s a Carnivore. Like seriously, “I was a body builder and it takes a lot of protein to keep this muscle functional I need meat because salads aren’t going to work.”  (to his credit I have seen him eating vegetables, but they aren’t his favorite thing)

On the other hand, I’m an herbivore like practially but not entirely a vegetarian. I’m content with a meat maybe a couple of times a week and bowl of chopped kale and pumpkin seeds the rest of the time.  I wince at the idea of cow constantly and he gets glassy eyed when I make noises like “chopped kale and pumpkin seeds.”

But on the other hand I have no complaints about all that muscle. It’s handy. Not to mention nice to cast my gaze upon. But definitely handy when something heavy needs moving. You know me, I’m all about what’s practical.

Where was I? Oh yeah…

Anyway….I’m figuring it out because he can cook a MEAN steak, and give me a little card-deck sized piece and I’m happy, and I can chop up all this shrubbery and not have to worry if there’s his favorite salad dressing and he’s content.  Neither of us are dessert eaters, so there’s that too.

Anyway, I’ve also figured out the local deli has this great gut-scrubber salad (well that’s not what they call it but it’s essentially chopped up brillo pa…I mean…curly kale…and brussels sprouts and other high fiber green things) that I can get by the pound and have for myself while The Fella eats his daily dose of cow and we both comment on each other’s culinary preferences.

The truth is, he keeps all that muscle functional by eating cows and I’ve dropped from a size 20 to a size 10 by eating brillo pa…I mean…kale, pumpkin seeds, and the occasional slice of cheese. Go me.


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1 Response to A Difference of Opinion

  1. I like how you mention that huge drop in size in the last paragraph. Like it’s nothing. Wow! That’s fantastic. I’m happy for you and The Fella. I’m sure there will be things to iron out. We get used to doing things a certain way, but it sounds like you guys will figure it all out. And a muscle-ly guy is not at all a bad thing.

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