I mean….really?

The Fella and I went to Alabama for Christmas. Alot of food was eaten, mostly Cow and a bit of Pig, generally cooked on his giant grill with a wood fire. We worked on The New House, and got the laundry area tiled. Half way through we hired a tile guy because…Anyway.

On the way home we came through an area of darkness and woods. Deer country. There was a herd of about 12 including a very large buck with an impressive rack. A little further on there was a large doe at the edge of the road so The Fella honked (what was meant to be) the horn on his Manly Man’s Silverado With The Ranch Hand Cattle Guard On The Front. The Truck politely says “Um…would you please maybe move out of the way” . It went “meep” The great big doe looked at the truck and flicked one ear, saying “dude. seriously?” The Fella honked the hornish-noise maker again and it went “peeeeww”, as if it had a touch of intestinal gas and wanted to be polite in relieving itself of the pressure.

We looked at each other and started howling…because when one drives a Silverado 1500 with a Ranch Hand cattle guard one does not expect a horn that sounds like delicate little poot in the ladies room at Nordstrom.

Today has been spent on the computer, looking for a more imposing horn.

Dear Chevrolet,  You need to get on that. People who buy that truck aren’t the sort who are satisfied with a dainty horn, and obviously it doesn’t work well for getting wildlife out of the way.


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