Seriously, click on the video link…

The week has been eventful, in so many ways. I’m going to list them starting with..let me think about it for a minute…

Ok last week, I had several projects to present for school. Those went very well. Of course they did, I’m an overachiever, trying to make up for the underachieving of my Youth.  Then:

Sunday morning, #4 said his stomach was kind of hurting. I asked where, and he put his hand over the lower right part of his gut. Hm, I thought. He allowed me to mash around on it, and then flinched when I hit that part.  Hm, I thought. It could be gas but it could be Something Else. But he didn’t seem to be in agony, and he had work that day, so I sent him to work and I went to church. When I got home around 12:30 he texted and said he was in real pain, and was coming home. Hm, I thought. I’m taking him to the ER because it could be his appendix. The ER was quiet so he got right in. Blood was drawn, belly was mashed, and the doctor said Hm.  While we waited for results from the bloodwork, 7 people were brought into the ER by ambulance, including a few nasty traumas. I know this because our little room was near the back door and we saw the EMTs and gurneys go by. Hm, I though. That’s going to delay things.  Eventually blood work was finished (inconclusive) and the Dr. had #4 undergo a CT scan. I was able to video #4, under the Influence of Powerful Narcotics, imitating the CT machine.  Click on that because I haven’t figured out how to format it so I can embed it here. I’m just proud to know I can say things like “format” and “embed” and know what I’m talking about, sort of.

By 6pm Sunday, he was being wheeled into the operating room, for an appendectomy.   I kept thinking “thankYou, God, for modern medicine and doctors” because what if…so many what ifs. What if this were 200 years ago. What if I didn’t know the symptoms of appendicitis? I’d totally thought he had gas.  What if we lived in the middle of nowhere without transportation. So. Many.  And yet, none of those. Thus, he’s here at home, mildly sore with 3 holes poked in his belly (laporoscopic surgery…amazing).  He can’t lift anything heavy, and can’t work for a while, so What If he’d been married with a family to support? but he’s not, has a stable roof, food, and care. The best possible circumstances, given the circumstances.

Only, I had a final exam scheduled for Monday, with a kid in the hospital and no time to prepare because I also had a big project to turn in and another one to present. So, while he was in pre-op I emailed the instructors and told them the situation. They got back with me and said not to worry, I could do all that later. Family First! they both said. I’m going to make it all up tomorrow, now that #4 is stable and eating and not really in pain and capable of tending to himself for a couple of hours (plus #2 is here Just In Case)

While in the waiting room during his surgery, I was having a few flashbacks to the last time I was there- Himself was being frantically worked on and in the process of dying. So I was pretty uncomfortable. Several friends showed up, one with food and a deep understanding of how uncomfortable I must be. I did a fairly good job of Holding It Together…I think. It’s what I do when others are around. When I got home (no, I didn’t sleep in the hospital room. He was doing fine and at 18, wasn’t required to have a family member there. They promised to call if anything happened) I collapsed, and was exhausted but tense and unhappy. The next morning when I got there, he was dopey but relatively comfortable and was able to leave by 11. Amazing isn’t it…how short a hospital stay can be.  I remember as a kid, that an appendectomy meant a week in the hospital, with a big ol’ scar. Now? an overnight, and 3 tiny scars. He was disappointed. He wanted a big ol’ scar.

Anyway, that’s what happened over Sunday and Monday.  Drama and laundry.

And today?  It would be our 31st wedding anniversary.  It is #3’s 3rd anniversary and his 26th birthday.   #3 came here Sunday because “little brother, Mom…I can’t stay away” and we went trhough some stuff, including one of Himself’s cigar humidors.  Looking through that, and the cigar bands (he saved them), coming across a picture of us on our honeymoon, all that was kind of emotional. So. Much. Emotion.  #4 is taking me to a movie today, because I’m doing all his laundry. I need that- a 2 hour escape into another universe, with popcorn and coke.  Because…I need a break from all this.



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2 Responses to Seriously, click on the video link…

  1. jerseechik says:

    ((hug)) I was praying for you in the hospital; enjoy the movie!

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I’m so glad everything turned out okay. It must have been scary, and it must have been hard to sit in the same waiting room. Thank God it turned out well this time.

    The video is hilarious.

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