You know how sometimes it just HAPPENS? That sort of CLICK moment that has it all come together and takes a nebulous idea floating in your head and turns it into something with handles that you can actually develop into something real?

See, I’m in school studying Business Management. I like it but have been a little bit dissatisfied because it wasn’t teaching exactly what I was hoping for. That’s ok, it’s not their fault and I can see the value in what I’ve learned.  But, it wasn’t the precise thing that  fit the educational hole that needed to be filled.

However, (tell me you didn’t see that coming!) this morning, as I was sitting in the Dr’s office waiting to get some labwork, I was reading through the local city magazine. You know the kind, where someone’s recipe for watermelon pickles is featured, and the newest director of (whatever) is introduced.  So I was reading about the newest director, and amongst his credentials was listed “Certification in Non-Profit Management” and I was like…”BOINK” and decided to investigate such a thing because I was unaware it existed.  May God richly bless the inventor of the Internet (pretty sure it wasn’t Al Gore) because not only could I investigate, but should I choose, I can also take the classes at my leisure and in my pajamas.

you see, the non-profit arena is where I want to work when I move to The New Town.  I don’t KNOW if there will be such a job waiting for me, but I firmly believe that God has all this in hand, and He hasn’t messed me up yet.  I am pretty confident that I just got a God-boink on the head about this, because not only do such programs exist online, some of the really credible ones (Duke University, Cornell, etc) are also affordable for my budget.  Mind you, some of them are so unaffordable they might as well be offering gold plated dentures to go with, but whatever. I can get a certification from a credible source and wouldn’t that look nice on a resume!

I’m not interested in getting wealthy. I want to earn enough to pay the electric bill and eat sushi once a month.  I want to work with people who need some help, because inevitably doing that helps the helper as much or more than the helped is getting helped. And God knows I need some help.

I perused the curriculum at the Cornell program, and found that a great deal of what I’m learning now will be of great benefit toward what I would be learning there. How nice to know what I’m learning is useful!

I’m finding this all very exciting (if you can’t tell). After talking to the person there, and seeing how the program is set up, I can wait until determining if Accounting will kick my arse the way Algebra did before I take on any more courses. If I can manage it ok, I’ll start with it in the Fall. Because it’s online and a Con Ed course, it will be able to move to Alabama with me and I can keep going, or take a break in the middle of it to move, then pick back up, or whatever.

Just knowing that there is stuff I can do to progress in the education is exciting. Thanks, God! For the boink!

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  1. jerseechik says:

    love the idea! love the grace of God to boink you in the head! love the giphy!

  2. srra says:

    How exciting to find a direction you are excited about. Given the money involved you might want to contact some non-profits and see if the certification would be of any value on a resume.

    I am currently volunteering in the HR office of a local non-profit. I do scanning, and data entry, and they love me here because it leaves them to do other important work. I’m not working directly with the clients, but I am supporting the nurses/therapists/social workers/foster parents by helping the HR that supports them. I was told when they brought me on that volunteering in HR is a great place, because if a job was coming through that I was interested in I might get an early heads up. I’m not in a position to go into the work force, but I thought I’d pass it on. The group I work with is full of wonderful people working hard to do a good job for the organization.

    Good luck in finding just the right place, and the right pathway to get there!

    • rootietoot says:

      Thank you for the wisdom! I am currently volunteering, and I will talk to the director about what you said. She told me she will call the place in the town I’m moving to, and give me a referral there. Your wisdom is VERY helpful!

  3. Bella Rum says:

    In the words of John “Hannibal” Smith, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

  4. Juli Thompson says:

    I delighted for you! God uses the oddest things sometimes!

  5. Barbara says:

    I have a book that I can’t sell back to GSU if you want it: Nonprofit Management in a Policy World. it’s all yours, I can bring it to church on Sunday.

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