Today’s list of good things

Because who doesn’t love a good list, and I need to remind myself of them anyway.

  • A comfortable bed with many pillows. I share it with the cat now. She’s not as big as Himself (a good thing) but having a presence there with me is comforting.
  • A timer thing for the coffee maker. Getting up with the coffee made and waiting is one of the great modern conveniences.
  • Recliners. Sitting in a comfortable chair, legs propped, while drinking that first cup of coffee is another great modern convenience
  • Hard floors, no rugs. Because 4 dachshunds and rain don’t mix and they are brats about peeing in the corner when it’s wet outside
  • At least the corner is predictable #whatsthatsmell
  • Modern medicine. I woke up with a painful eye that isn’t red or swollen. Last time this happened it was a viral thing, and I still have the bottle of drops from that.
  • I’ve been teaching a few women how to do simple baking. First it was biscuits, and yesterday is was 750,000 calories worth of cobblers. You know the kind: butter, sugar, lots of fruit. Someone had the presence of mind to show up with vanilla ice cream, too. Next week: blueberry muffins and quiche. There’s 2 ovens where we’re doing it,  so we will have a ball and make a massive mess.
  • I’m still having trouble recognizing my size. I’ve lost 40 pounds over the past 2 years, going from a size 20 down to what appears to be a size 12, even though my mind has trouble with anything less than 16 so I keep getting clothes that are too big. Good thing I know how to do alterations because I like these pretty clothes and I’m not taking them back
  • My penpal from the last 40 years (we started writing when we were 9!) recently passed away from ovarian cancer. I miss her, and miss having someone to write to. Getting a letter from her was a sweet treasure. I signed up with a new service, and have found a few people from assorted parts of the world: Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Siberia, and Japan. Email is an amazing thing, and once a decent bond of trust is established, I’m hoping to go the snail-mail route because who doesn’t love a letter in the mail!
  • The cat is loudly informing me that   A) she’s out of food and  B) it’s wet outside and she disapproves because it’s on purpose to make her uncomfortable and  C) she’s out of food and  D) she’s out of food.

and that’s all for today.


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