It rained yesterday (which probably contributed to my emotional funk). Not only did it rain, it was 65F. Which is February weather, not June weather. When I checked the internet Weather thing, it said something about 40% chance of rain. A long time ago I decided that “40% chance of rain” means it’s raining 40% of the time, or maybe it’s raining over 40% of the South. It doesn’t not mean there’s a 4/10 chance of rain. Because it always rains when the chance of rain is over 10%.  Not only did it rain, it was a cold drizzly sort of rain like happens in February.  Or it could mean 40% of us have sense enough to dress for a cold rain. Which was proven at Wednesday Prayer Group. Our of 8 of us there, 2 were wearing sweaters. The rest of us had to peel the stuff off our umbrellas and wrap up in it like some sort of emergency blanket. (ok maybe not but the ones with sense to have a raincoat were wearing them even though we were inside).  And I wasn’t one of them. No. I was wearing a skirt and a t-shirt and kind of wanted all of Pat’s tissues so I could drape them all over myself and try to stay warm. Instead I chose to use Emotional Energy…which gave me a headache but whatever.

Seriously, the weather here is…fickle. Normally, this time of year sees those sudden pop-up storms in the evening. It blows in off the coast around 4:30 pm (we’re about 90 minutes inland),dumps about an inch in 1/2 an hour, and goes away, leaving the air steamy and all the patio furniture soaking wet.  Inconvenient but cost saving, as that $100 a jar L’Occitaine face cream isn’t necessary for keeping our faces dewy.

But yesterday? What the heck? It was February in June and made for all sorts of confusion. I HAD SOUP FOR LUNCH. Who does that in June? Tomato bisque even! Not a light chicken broth with fresh vegetable or a gazpacho…NO…thick, hot, creamy tomato bisque. I could have had broccoli-cheddar or New England clam chowder and it would have been just as appropriate.  The thought of eating a salad made me want a wool afghan and a cup of tea. I PUT A BLANKET ON THE BED LAST NIGHT.  June is meant for air conditioning and iced tea and discussions about the heat while standing in line at the hardware store! Not soup!

AND, according to The Weather, it’s supposed to get down to 59F tonight. I mean. Ok, I actually like the cool weather but it isn’t NATURAL. Well ok it is, but it isn’t. My dogs have all had their summer haircuts and now they’re burrowing under the dog beds because the blankets have all been washed and packed away.  I’m eyeballing socks and wondering if a fleece top could be retrieved from The Winter Closet without upsetting the natural order of things.

That may be going too far. Maybe I’ll just layer some stuff.

 winter cold a christmas story coat bundle up GIF



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  1. pheenobarbidoll says:

    Send it here. Triple digits are one too many digits for temps.

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