The wandering train of thought

I turned on the A/C today. It just seemed like it was time. Also, I succeeded in guilting a couple of people into cutting my grass. In exchange for cutting someone else’s grass, the someone else loaned us his lawnmower. for some reason the one I bought last Summer isn’t working. Another person, who knows mowers far better than I do, has promised to come by and look at it, for which I will fix him a loaf of bread.

The lawn-mower-looker-atter person is a recent transplant from New York City, and is all a-wonderment at the way stuff is done here. He’s learning that food is an actual form of currency, and that people don’t hide behind bulletproof glass everywhere, and in fact many people who aren’t criminals or law enforcement actually own guns legally.

I haven’t taken the guns out and shot them in a long time. I’ve been too busy dealing with marketing, math, and buzzards. The final exams for this semester are next week. I’m not as worried about them as I probably should be. Truly all I want to do is pass the math class. The other classes, my grades are high enough I could pass if I skipped the final exams entirely, but that isn’t going to happen. I might have done something like that 35 years ago, but age and experience have given me a better work ethic and someone has to show those darn whippersnappers what old people are made of.

I finally figured out why I hated shopping for clothes: they cost too much. And I can never find exactly what I like, but mainly they cost too much. Mind you, I have no problem with other people paying full price (or even sale price) for stuff and I don’t look down on them for that, because eventually those things they buy are going to get donated to the Salvation Army, where I am going to pick through them and find just what I want. That’s right, I have learned the fun of it and coming home with 2 sacks full of periwinkle-blue polo shirts and Talbot’s Irish linen shirts and embroidered skirts for under $20 give me a certain thrill and is kind of addicting. Also…the furniture there. Holy mackeral. Stuff that needs refinishing to be sure but I LOVE refinishing furniture and I got a mid-Century end table like the one everyone’s great-aunt had for $15 and it will be perfect in my new sewing room to put next to a comfortable chair and keep my hand sewing goods in it. Some fresh paint and a pretty stencil and it will be lovely!

I haven’t done anything on The New House lately. It’s either been cold or wet or something every time I’ve gone over there. Come Summer, and online classes only, I’ll get over there more and (hopefully) Dad and I can get the kitchen cabinets and built-ins made. First the floors need to be finished but someone else is doing that.  Every night as I’m trying to go to sleep, I picture the landscaping- move bushes and trees around in my head. Or where the furniture will go. Or where I’m going to hang some quilts. I’ve about decided to paint the back porch furniture an aqua color, and look for some upholstery (to cover seat cushions) that has yellow and aqua (and probably some other colors) in it.

#4 went to Prom, and looked handsome in his kilt and Prince Charlie. His date was lovely and they looked wonderful in pictures. I don’t have her permission to put one up of her so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  He graduates on May 27. My baby will graduate from high school. My.  Baby.  Will.  Graduate.  From.  High.  School. He has solid plans for his future that involve technical training, working for a few years, then college when he’s maybe 24. Sensible lad realizes he’s been in school for 13 years and really kind of wants to not be in school for a while. I respect that. He isn’t planning to move to Alabama with me, but stay here. Given that we know lots of people, he has a solid church family, and a couple of brothers here, I am good with that.

And that’s all the news for now.


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