Dear Mr. Raptor Center Guy

Mr. (Raptor Center guy),

A buzzard who seems unable to fly has taken up residence in my yard. I discovered him last Sunday, making himself at home in my bonus room (the door had come open in the wind). I was able to catch him by cornering him and throwing a blanket over him,and release him outside (the aroma was potent and he threw up on my foot, bless his heart he must have been terrified), and he is hanging around, making himself at home on my patio and in the company of my dogs and cats. No one seems particularly disturbed by this. He seems unable to fly, I have been leaving softened dog food out for him (probably why he is sticking around), in the hopes that it would make him easier for you to catch. I named him Steve. He hops around in the yard much of the time, or stands on the windowsill and looks in. I am honestly not bothered by his(or her) presence at all, but as I intend to put the house up on the market soon, I doubt a yard-buzzard will help make it marketable. Are you interested in a flightless and nearly-tame buzzard for the raptor center? It’s one of those red-headed turkey vultures. You’re welcome to him but you’ll have to come get him because I refuse to put him in my car.



There, I’m doing what I can to find Steve a loving home with people who know how to take proper care of him (or her)


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2 Responses to Dear Mr. Raptor Center Guy

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Looks to me that Steve wandered into the right person’s house. Hope it works out for the two of you.

  2. Barbara says:

    I had a broken-winged egret to take up residence in my yard a number of years ago. He was so funny, in a pitiful way. He would walk around the yard, one wing down and the broken one flipped up on the other side. I called the DNR and they said just leave him, he’ll eventually go away or fly away on his own. I named him Henry. He hung around for about 3 months. I really kind of liked the little guy – except that one time he got in the house and I chased him around in circles around the dining room table – but then one day I came home from work and he was gone.

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