I keep telling #4 it’s time to clean out his car..

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Image may contain: outdoor

Steve is definitely interested.

#3 has gotten all patronizing, telling me how I Shouldn’t Be Doing This, parasites, etc.

Then Dad (who’s older) tells me of a friend who has a pet buzzard, and who’s husband actually trained it (to some extent) and if I feed him dog food, his gut will get cleaned out and he won’t smell as bad.

Actually I don’t know if Steve is a he or a her, and I can’t find that out unless I get a lot closer than I’m willing to.

He’s really very gentle natured, not at all aggressive. I shooed him out into the yard and…well…be seemed kind of…I don’t know…(dare I say)…hurt…even…rejected.  I felt bad about that, so put some dog food in a wagon where he could get to it but the dogs couldn’t.

(don’t get attached, he’s a wild animal. Not a puppy. ) Repeat 10 times until you believe it.


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One Response to I keep telling #4 it’s time to clean out his car..

  1. pheenobarbidoll says:

    Aaaand now I want a buzzard.

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