Bits and pieces

In bullet points, because who doesn’t love a good bullet point?

  • I went to Alabama for the weekend, and helped Mom pick out a couple of outfits for Easter, because Options.
  • I also watched the Grandpunkin for a while, while #3 fixed plumbing and The Fine Wife worked and sold goats. Grandpunkin excels at smashing dirt clods with sticks, as all not-quite-2 year old’s should. He can also say “Peease?” with extreme sincerity which makes one’s heart melt and break at the same time when one has to say “no” (You can’t climb the rail and jump on the dog) (or take a bath in the water bucket) (or clobber the cat).
  • No work was done on The New House
  • Rusty the Dog is slowly recouperating (however you spell that…getting over…recovering…whatever) from IVDD, that is…that dachshund back thing where they have to stay in a crate for 2 months. He’s let out for brief moments to do the potty thing, but that’s it. He’s pretty sure we’re doing it on purpose to make him miserable, but then he’ll go to hurting and want to sleep. Meds, crate rest for 8 weeks, etc. Fortunately he’s not so bad off he’ll need surgery.  He’s a sad sad pup.
  • I managed to actually do well enough on The Accursed Math this week to feel comfortable in leaving it long enough to enjoy the trip to Alabama.
  • #2 and Girlfriend made carrot cake and bbq chicken calzones while I was gone. Also, a 50 pound bag of carrots, because she works at an organic farm and apparently one can’t have too many carrots. They’re out now, getting pineapple to make carrot pineapple salad. (shredded carrots, pineapple bits, mayo, nutmeg)
  • And that’s all. I’m tired and going to bed. After I take Rusty the Dog outside to potty and get him dosed with his evening meds.

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