I have several dogs, but one is more attached to me than the other 3. I think, anyway, he is never (unless I’m not there) more than 3 feet away, making sure whatever threats are out there don’t cause me harm. He excels at making sure I don’t fall into the toilet and disappear for good. I’m pretty sure the power of his stare while I’m on the throne is what keeps me from falling in. It’s the same power that can cause bits of meat to glide out of my sandwich and into his mouth.My dog’s eyes are telekinetic. When we are at the vet (with 4 dogs I’m a Frequent Flyer), he guards me from all those wild and rabid beasts (you know, the pathetic ones with the cones on their heads) with stern warnings that they’d better not come near me or they’ll get the what-for.

Anyway, about a week ago he seemed to be feeling less-than-his-normal-self. Not so perky and all. Then, Saturday he got into a tussle with #2’s dog (4 times his size) with whom he rarely acknowledges, let alone fights. Apparently she got to close to me and since he wasn’t feeling himself anyway he took umbrage at that. After the short altercation he DEFINITELY wasn’t feeling himself. Sunday was even worse, with a lot of stiffness and flinching along his back. Now, he’s a dachshund, a breed known for back problems, and I panicked, felt faint and queasy (I can’t stand to see an animal hurting), and promptly ordered a back brace for him.I had some Tramadol left over from some previous dog who was needing it, and dosed him with that.

Monday, I had a class in the morning, and afterward called the vet. They saw him right away and determined that he had 2 compressed discs in his lower back. Steroids, muscle relaxers, more Tramadol, bed rest, back brace, and no more fights.  Also, thy waved a magic wand over his back for about 10 minutes. It hummed and glowed and he seemed to enjoy it. I had no idea what it was doing so had her wave it over my hand a little, and….nothing. (gimmick, I thought.) When I got home I looked it up and…

Wow! Star Trek! This is something Dr. McCoy (and later incarnations) would have used! Apparently it REALLY works! I know Rusty (my dog) seemed to feel better almost immediately, and I could tell his back muscles were more relaxed. Crazy! No side effects, non-invasive, nothing you had to take other than standing still for a bit. I was mightily impressed and was told if he seemed to be hurting I could bring him in any time and they’d wave the magic wand over him again.

I was incredibly relieved that he didn’t need surgery. Sometimes these back things can get really bad, and result in paralysis. But, I caught it quick, put him on bed rest (crating, which he was pretty sure was torture even though the other 3 dogs wanted nothing more than to be in the crate) and got it treated before it became irreversible. Also, baby gate on the stairs and the New House is going to get a ramp off the back. I’m going to work it out where the pet door only opens onto the ramp, and not the stairs.   Little Fella’s only 6, and if well cared for, little dogs can live 16-17 (or more) years.


Last year’s roses. This year they aren’t pretty at all.

In other news, the freaky weather has screwed up the Spring Bloom. A warm winter meant everything bloomed early, and while it was all starting to bloom, we had 3 days of frost, which killed it all. Right as the wisteria was opening up, too. And the azaleas. Boom. gone.





























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2 Responses to Rusty

  1. Juli Thompson says:

    Dachshund boys are the most devoted, no question!

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