Spring Break!

“HEY MA!” said #3, “You gonna go to PCB an’ git turnt*? You’re a college kid now, gonna hafta do the whole thang!”

*translation: “Mother dearest, are you going to spend your hard earned time on a pointless trip to Panama City Beach, wear scanty and inappropriate clothing, and wind up with a hangover in a seedy hotel room”

No, I am not. I am going to spend my Spring Break doing Other things. Like…getting up at 5am even though it’s Daylight Savings Time, because I am a closet Amish Dairy Farmer. Daylight Savings Time means nothing to me except that it’s daylight longer.  In my world, “gittin’ turnt” means an extra half shot of gin in the martini, and 3 olives instead of 2. So wild. So self indulgent.

What I actually did was not much different from anything else I normally do, with the exception of not going to the school 3 times a week. Math homework, yes. Because if I don’t do it every single day except Sunday I’ll forget everything I learned. I am looking hard at May 1, the last day of classes, where I can put aside quadratics and  x³y³/(2x²+z¹)ƒx±Ξ and take a nap. Because even when I had small children I didn’t have as many variables to deal with.

So NO dammit, no real Spring Break. I didn’t do it back in the day when I was 20 (too busy working) and I’m not doing it now. What I *AM* planning, however, is a NonSpring Break cruise with a friend in December. Then I’ll git turnt, only Ramone will be bringing me the drinks w/umbrellas.









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2 Responses to Spring Break!

  1. jerseechik says:

    Dear Heart, that cruise is in November (the 27th),

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