Bits and Pieces

Usually when i write a post here, it’s because something came to mind for a topic. Then it winds up wandering down some other rabbit-hole entirely, but isn’t that the fun of it all? When I write something for school, the instructor gets testy if I digress. There has to be a topical opening paragraph, several more that detail the topic (with references!) and a closing paragraph that’s similar to the opening one. Booooooring. But for a grade, I’ll do as he says. With references.

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Thanks to the Interwebs and WWW’s, it’s way easier to find references these days. I have access to something called Galileo (which is a struggling acronym for the university system that allows access to a bunch of non-normally accessible PDF’s of people’s PhD dissertations and such, which make great references), as well as All The Stuff. We have certain parameters within which we must fall, plus all the MPA and APA ways of writing the bibliography etc. And the beauty of this blog is that I can misuse all rules of grammar and puncuation I want: and spelling, and doodads and all that. And I don’t have to back any of my claims up if I don’t want to! (Did you know 25% of the popylations thinks they’s not in the 75%?)

My instructors are rolling their eyes. Especially the one I had in the first Composition course. He was big on the eyerolls though he tried to be diplomatic.

See now, this is exactly what I’m talking about. This morning I was up at Amish Dairy Farmer o’thirty, full of energy and vinegar and had to restrain myself from blowing all the other people out of bed just so I could have some company. I did eventually inform them of their lazy slackery around 6am (groans were heard), and one of them dragged his lazy self out of bed at 6:30. I know, the time change. Whatever.   Then around 7:30, my brain said it was time to write something but I had no idea what about. So here I sit, writing about nothing.

I am on Spring Break this week. Yup, no school, and assignments that only need to be thought about some. I have a list of things to get done, none of which are outside because it’s cold and damp. I did go to The New Homeplace this past weekend, and spent time with The Grandpunkin, son, and his Fine Wife. The intention was to get some work done on the doors (antique things what need stripping) but it was cold and wet so that was vetoed in favor of the other things. I went to a firing range with #3 and watched a competition. It impressed me at how equalizing that thing was. There were people ranging from a physician to a blue-collar machinist to an 11 year old to a 79 yr old, all on equal terms with each other. Even though it was a competition, it was all very friendly with a lot of atta-boys and encouragements. Also ooh-ahhing over people’s assorted firearms and customizations. I just people-watched, which is my idea of a good time.  Also #3’s Fine Wife cooked up a FEAST! involving chickens and smoked sausage and collards and macaroni and cheese and cole slaw. I made some mashed potatoes in a feeble attempt to contribute but come on…she offered! Who am I to say no to something like that!

Grandpunkin is growing up! He’s much more deliberate in his behavior (He’ll be 2 in June), and quite obedient when someone says No, don’t do/touch that. Even though he’s prone to wrinkling his brow and pouting. He seemed excited to see me, which is ALWAYS the way to my heart. I am looking forward to living there and having ready access. I have a fantasy about taking him to the grocery store and getting him a cookie from the bakery. I always loved taking one of my boys to the store, letting him put stuff in the buggy, or decide which kind of crackers to get. While I can see the Move isn’t too far off (wow the past 2 years have gone by fast!), I am anxious to get there.

For now, I’m thinking about school. I’m not sure if I’m going to finish out the degree, or wait until I get moved over there, and finish it at the community college in that town. I’m considering nursing school- getting an LPN, and doing Home Health Care for work. I discussed it with my myriad physicians and they all think it’s a fine idea. None of that has been fully decided however, it’s just an idea.

So that’s all the news that isn’t.


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  1. jerseechik says:

    ((hugs)). Because your my bestie. (See what I did they’re?)

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