Poor babies

No really, no sarcasm there at all. #4 has The Flu With a Vengeance. I, to be honest, am kind of thankful he has it now, and not in a month during Spring break. He is taking a 2 week school trip, for which I have been working and he has been saving, to Europe, and I am figuring if he’s sick now, he’ll be chock full of antibodies and maybe won’t be sick then. I also went down the vitamin and supplements aisle at the store and got all the ones labeled Immune Health, and am pumping him full.  Not too full, as one can overdo it, but full enough based on what the label and Dr. Google says.

At first (because he seems to catch every single thing that erupts at school) I panicked and thought he had some sort of immune deficiency and of course Dr. Google is aces at making worried mothers panic about their babies. Then I pondered the other kids at the school and how they ALL get sick a lot and realized what really needs to happen is a big tent over the school and a bleaching of it all. Not very practical so I’m going to start with the handsful of pills, chicken soup, and motherly sympathy.

I remember growing up and being allowed one, maybe 2 days to be sick. Anything beyond that was probably malingering. Then, at the beginning of the 8th grade, I got mononucleosis. Be rest for a month was required and this was back in the day when there was only 4 channels on tv and daytime was either soap operas or PBS little children’s stuff like Sesame Street and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  I remember Dad being very frustrated, because I *appeared* well enough- nothing gross was coming out of my nose and there was no cough, I didn’t have much of a fever unless I did something more active than watch bad daytime tv or eat jello. It was great for about a week and then I went stir-crazy. To this day, I get impatient with anyone (including myself) who’s sick for more than a day or two, since they’re probably malingering.

But #4? He’s got the Netflix and the Amazon Prime and a whole stack of DVDs at his disposal. He can watch every sort of documentary online, while eating my homemade chicken soup and drinking hot tea. I don’t have any sort of regular TV reception (Why would I, when I can watch all the tv shows without commercials?) (Just a year behind) Lucky kid. Well sort of. He’d rather be at school then at soccer practice or work than sitting in a recliner covered in blankets and doped up on Theraflu. Isn’t that how it is? If he were at school he’d be wishing to be at home with soup and TV.

I am seriously hoping I don’t catch the epizootie.

  1. 1.
    relating to or denoting a disease that is temporarily prevalent and widespread in an animal population.
    Image result for germ

(High school counts as an animal population, right? I think it does)



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