Art Appreciation

One of the courses I’m taking this semester is Art Appreciation, in which the instructor gets to attempt to pound the language of Art into the heads of a class full of Welding Students With Trucks. It’s fun to sit next to Chase and Jordan in their camo jackets, aromatic with the scent of grease and welding flux, as she explains the sensuality of Picasso’s painting of prostitutes and why they’re wearing African masks. Currently we are on the language of art, stuff like the difference between abstract and nonrepresentational, and hue vs chroma. (not a wrestling match, btw. That would be Hugh vs Kroma). The class is interesting to me, which is enough. I am not concerned with welders, unless it’s#4 learning from Mr. Joe
Anyway, we have a project due Feb. 20. (which I need to start on). We are to make a collage, using magazines, etc, and replicate a Master work (that is, something by someone for whom everyone have heard)(is it “have heard, or “has heard”?). I’ve chosen Picasso’s First Steps.


Pablo Picasso First Steps

It’s one of the few Picassos I actually like- mainly because it seems to capture all the awkwardness of a toddler learning to walk. Today the plan is to go to the school print shop- where I can get a color 11×14 print of it for 35 cents (provided I can find my jump drive and get the .jpeg there). The bits of paper (or whatever) have to be no larger than a postage stamp, and completely cover at least an 8.5×11 piece of foamboard (available at the Dollar Tree for $1). I have glue. She made a strong point of telling us how cheap it would be, even providing a stack of magazines from the library (things like Funeral Directors Weekly, and Diesel Truck Times. O the irony of making a copy of Girl With A Pearl Earring out of coffin pieces and internal combustion engines).

So, this morning, before my 1:00 appointment with Charles The Infant Math Tutor (seriously, his facial fuzz is both minimal and adorable), I am going to have the image printed, get to the $1 store for foam board, and to the StuffMart for deodorant (#4), velcro (boydog panties)(not my boydog- for a rescue society), and cast a brief and hairy eyeball onto the current algebraic systematic mockery of my intellect. (polynomials, the kind with the stuff raised to the nth.) (way too complicated and will never be used but ’tis a hoop through which I must jump and will, albeit with much complaining).

All in all, school clucks along nicely, like a contented hen who’s laying the daily egg. Whether or not those eggs will hatch into something (I consider) useful remains to be seen. My basic Calvinist worldview holds well at the moment- that is, that everything has it’s purpose, and God’s got a good plan for the whole thing (even if the plan differs from my plan, God know I didn’t really plan for Himself to heigh off to the heavenly realms so soon) and my job is to do what’s in front of me right now and let Him handle the future. I’m ok with the current situation being full of glue and magazines like some sort of 3rd grade situation, and the 4x to the nth times 3x to the power of i, because I have recently met a bunch of Millennials who give me hope for the future. But that’s a whole ‘nother post.


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2 Responses to Art Appreciation

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I’m so glad this is you and not me, the math I mean, but I’d enjoy the Art Appreciation class. You just keep on plugging away, don’t you? Inspiring.

  2. Juli Thompson says:

    Everyone has. I hadn’t seen it before, but I like that Picasso.

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