Weekend in Alabama

Since Monday was a holiday (no school for any of us), I went to Alabama on Friday, to work on The New House and see assorted family and friends. It was a most successful trip.

Updates on the house at A New House . Dad and I worked on it.

#3 and Fine Wife are making plans to rebuild. It’s exciting! The community where they live has been incredibly generous, and they have started gathering up furniture and household items. I’m impressed at how frugal they are, and they are obviously having fun with it. Grandpunkin, of course, at 18 months old has no clue what’s going on, as long as there’s macaroni and cheese to eat, and a dump truck to shove around.

Saturday night we had a fairly spontaneous Gathering On The Front Porch. Mom and Dad’s house has a massive wrap-around porch (literally it goes around all 4 sides of the house, and is 8 feet wide) full of rocking chairs. #3 and Friend W/Kids showed up after a gun competition, and a 6-pack of Corona materialized. Soon after, Fine Wife and Grandpunkin appeared (all this resulted in 4 pickup trucks parked in the yard). FW also had a tiny, tiny baby goat (born 10 days premature and rejected by it’s mother) and a bottle of colostrum that she was feeding it a few drops at a time. The dogs were loving attention by one of the kids, 2 of the other kids were running around the porches, and trying to keep Grandpunkin from face-planting off the stairs. 4 generations of people were talking and laughing and running around, dogs were scratched, beer was consumed, all for a couple of hours. At one point a car came in (one does not accidentally go down this road, what with the gates and all, and it is pretty obviously a private road) that no one recognized and the younger generation of grown men got up and looked threatening (not to mention all the trucks and dogs and beer on the porch rail) and the car turned around and left. We have no idea who it was but were not happy about it. The gate had been left open but diligence in closing it commenced right after.

It was a good weekend. AND the house here in Georgia was NOT a disaster when I came home!



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One Response to Weekend in Alabama

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Nothing like a porch for a gathering like that.

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