One step at a time…or something.

ok, the Thanksgiving Hurdle has been hurdled. It’s difficult to do that with a belly full of carbs but there it is, behind me and i didn’t even knock it down going over it. Probably because the expectations were low, and were met (and then some). It all went well, I think. First, dinner and visiting with Himself’s family 3 hours north of here, then a day at home, then 4 hours west to Alabama to see my family (an aunt from Texas was there, as well as Bro. Scott), and yesterday back home, where #2’s girlfriend made an amazing dinner.

I was essentially looking at these several days, with no consideration toward anything after, it took all my concentration to be cheerful…I don’t regret that, but it wasn’t something that came naturally. While in Alabama I spent a good bit of time in The New House, with a tape measure figuring out where furniture will fit and how large the bathroom vanity can be without impeding getting around in the room. Details about all that at A New House for Rootie.  Bro. Scott and I spent some time at the pond, annihilating a stump and some metal shingles with .22’s and a .45. We didn’t have any tannerite and I didn’t feel like going into town (again) so nothing got blown up. Stumps were safe for the day.

Now, I have final exams upcoming, and some catch-up work to do in one class that won’t have a final (THANK YOU Mr. Smith!). I won’t worry any about Christmas until after that. Besides, it’s not very wintery here. The leaves have just reached their color peak, which, even though I’ve lived in The South since I was 9, I still think that should happen early October and we should require heaters and firewood by now. But no. Instead we don’t require air conditioning and that is just about as wintery as it gets.

#4 and I listened to some Christmas music…not really Christmas stuff but more Winter stuff like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and the like, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, etc. That was…well, I guess that’s how people in Palm Springs feel when they listen to stuff like that.  I remember when #3 was in elementary school (in Central Alabama), and there was a “Winter Concert” (because the school was very inclusive and didn’t sing any traditional religious-toned Christmas songs). In this concert they sang a goofy song called “Snow Pants”. Himself and I pondered that, wondering if any of those kids even knew what snow pants were. I knew, I’d gone to Elementary school in Illinois, up nearish Chicago.The school was about a 4 block walk from my house, so of course I wore snow pants in the winter. I remember a kid named Melvin laughing at me for taking them off when I got to school. He loudly announced to the entire hallway that I was TAKING OFF MY PANTS.  I was not embarrassed, I thought he was an idiot because I wasn’t about to wear them all day. However, I was pretty sure none of those Central Alabama kids (particularly since it was an in-town school full of professors children, who likely didn’t hunt nor even approve of pop-guns, so wouldn’t have insulated coveralls for the 4am hunts) knew of snow pants, insulated parkas, or gloves with the string that went through the arms of the coat so they wouldn’t get lost.

While listening to the Martin and Sinatra, I decided not to do that anymore. Christmas Carols, the sacred type, are what I want. Or maybe that Windham Hill Winter Solstice collection…that’s nice, all instrumental stuff, peaceful and likely to prevent the sitting-down-feeling-sads…or at least won’t cause them.

I also came to a decision, now that all my offspring are adults. I’m not going to do so much of the piles-of-gifts under the tree anymore. They’re all old enough to figure out how to get what they want and don’t need stuff from me. I’m not doing money, either. Ditto the old-enough. I think, this year, I’m going to prepare a super fine feast. They can take home leftovers.  I mean a serious thing, roast beast, yorkshire puddings, gravy,and horseradish. Mashed potatoes (because gravy, amirite?), roasted crucifers of some sort…I’ll work that out via Epicurious menu suggestions. Wine (a nice languedoc or malbec), and some kind of dessert involving custard. Girlfriend wants to produce the Christmas morning breakfast she grew up with- kielbasa and cheap champagne, and that sounds good to me!   The decision came to me on the way home from Alabama yesterday. I couldn’t really figure out what to get everyone for Christmas, and…I don’t really want to make the whole months a big hoo-haa anyway. Though, my last day of school is the 3rd, so I basically have 3 weeks to do with as I please and could make all sorts of things.

Anyway, that’s the plan for the moment, as all plans are, they are subject to change at whim. Which is the nice part about being me…as The Queen around here I can change whims all I like and no one can do anything about it.


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