Yes, but…

When I get to feeling Picked On, you know, in that “life sucks” or “why me?” sort of way, it’s helpful to start listing things. And you know this morning I was feeling mighty, mighty picked on. (that’s polite Southern Lady for “pissy”). Here’s why, and the Yes, But that goes with:

My stove isn’t working. It’s a very fancy electronic thing and the electronics have failed somehow. I can use the cooktop because it’s gas. Only, this morning when I came to fix breakfast, not only was it STILL not working in spite of someone saying they’d get that much working, I couldn’t find the lighter I was using. FINE THEN, I thought, YOU GET COLD LEFTOVER GRITS, AND YOU GET NOTHING. and all that spooled into all sorts of reasons why I was feeling picked on and nobody loves me and I’m so taken advantage of even though I try.

Yes, but…I have a roof over my head and a comfortable bed and the stove being out is a minor hiccup in the grand scheme of things. nothing more serious than a pebble in my shoe. Also, I called a repairman.

Yes but…I’ll bet he’s going to charge as much as it would cost to get a new stove altogether.

Yes, but you don’t know that for sure.

Also, the windows have been open for a solid month now with no need for either heat or a/c.

Yes, but I’m not used to not having a stove and I’m…

so incredibly privileged I don’t even know it. Refrigeration and fresh food, clean safe drinking water, coffee every morning, a way to go wherever, hamburgers….

I’m not ready to apologize for the temper tantrum of this morning even though it wasn’t exactly graceful. Sometimes one needs to have a tantrum just to everyone else will remember to take you seriously.

And I didn’t break anything (that was particularly important). And there was a bowl of leftover cheese grits in the fridge, that could be microwaved and turned into a semblance of a hot breakfast. So I don’t really know why I was whining so loudly.

I can’t even blame it on PMS anymore.

*shrug*. I’m going to sit here and wait on the stove repairman, who said he’d be here after 2, which in Repairmanese means “sometime after 2 and possibly before next week”.


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One Response to Yes, but…

  1. jerseechik says:

    I hear ya.

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