hand-flappingly busy

Ok now, all caught up (sort of) from Hurricane Matthew. Oh, North Carolina…my heart breaks for you.

The abattoirfreezer is ready to come back inside. I used a bit (I kind of hate calling things “tips” or “tricks” or “hints”) I learned years ago after I discovered the cat had been peeing aside the litter box and not in it, and a gag inducing aroma developed. Let me tell you what this WORKS. Mop up as much of the mess as you can, then cover the area with baking soda, and sprinkle it generously with lemon juice. It foams up and is all exciting. Then leave all that there until it dries- a couple of days. Within a few hours the unpleasant aroma is GONE. After it dries, scrape it all up and there you go. Clean and fresh and no more cat pee/death smell.  I can’t promise it would work on a crime scene, but I know it works on the sorts of biology-related issues I deal with. It doesn’t deal with stains, either. but I don’t care about those.

Several household projects bloomed from this one freezer thing. I have a big game room (pool table, gaming area etc) that will soon be populated by a couple of people who are, shall we say, “in between living situations” due to job issues, school, that sort of thing. They want to be there far less than I want them there, because it smacks of “living in Mom’s basement” and, while that’s not nearly as uncommon as it used to be, it is still kind of… I don’t know…undesirable. I’m not bothered by it because it is fairly isolated from the rest of the house as well as (hopefully) quite temporary. Anyway, that area needs to be cleaned out because it has become The Place To Throw Things. You know, that one room everyone has (or wishes they had) where all the stuff gets tossed when you don’t want to look at it anymore, or when your in-laws are coming and you’d like them to think you’re well organized so you gather everything up in random sized boxes and pile them on the pool table because you don’t have time to actually organize them and give them to the Salvation Army. Which is what you SHOULD do with them but that set of jars is just the right shade of blue for your (yet to be built) new bathroom and you might want them. even though you have never in the 30 years of being a grown-up stored anything in jars in your bathroom. But it looks pretty in the magazines so maybe you’ll start.

#2’s efficient girlfriend has been helping me out with all this- all the boxing up and sorting and wiping off the 10…ok 11…no wait I’ve been here 12 years worth of dust as I put stuff in boxes and keep thinking “oh I can’t get rid of this!” even if it HAS been on the shelf, untouched, for 12 years. What I need to do is walk away and let a hoard of people take what they want and start fresh like I did with the fridge and freezer after everything in them died.

Let me tell you, as horribly wasteful and sad as it was to get rid of everything from the freezer and fridge, (honestly most of the fridge stuff was those jars and bottles of stuff with too much to throw away and not enough to actually do anything), starting with a shiny clean spot with nothing at all in it save a quart jar of yeast and a gallon of milk was pretty nice. All my spices from the freezer are in glass jars too, so I kept those. All my nuts and dehydrated fruits for baking are in vacuum packed packages so I kept them as well, but everything else got pitched. It’s sort of refreshing to start from scratch. Kind of expensive, yes, but many of the condiments I have unopened in the pantry, so getting the mayonnaise and capers and Thai chili sauce won’t be a thing.

But, the house still sort of looks like a bomb went off. Or maybe a hurricane blew through.School still is happening and I still have to do the work so I’m not worrying about the the bins of paper plates by the sideboard. They aren’t hurting anyone and I have no plans to host any bridal showers. They’ll get put up soon enough. Maybe over the weekend.

I’m having to replace a couple of doors. One of the screen doors was snatched by the wind and broke, and since it’s one of a matched pair on a set of french doors, and the style is no longer available, I’ll either have to have a mismatched set or buy 2.  Whatever. Also an interior door has been so badly abused by sundry creatures that it needs replacing as well. Already bought that one but it needs hanging. Himself used to take care of all that but now I have to figure out how. I reckon it’s a new skill to learn, like how to measure for kitchen cabinets. All this education, both formal and informal, is making me a little anxious.

Also, people in my church keep having babies. There’s this sort of baby population explosion going on right now. I have a go-to gift for showers, and I’ve run out of them so need to make a bunch more. When? in between figuring out how to do accounting in Excel and scraping up baking soda? Pardon me for whining. It’s silly given the circumstances. But then I’ve never denied that I’m silly.


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3 Responses to hand-flappingly busy

  1. Ellen says:

    We just got power back. Thankfully, on Saturday, when the fridge was no longer cool, I was able to transfer a lot of my freezer items to a friend’s house. It hurts to throw the rest out, though. Also, I’ve heard that vodka is good for smells– at least in padded furniture.

    • rootietoot says:

      Fortunately there are no aromas in the furniture, though with grandpunkins that could change. I will remember the vodka. I wonder if I used a pleasantly flavored vodka would it make the furniture smell like that?

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I don’t have a pet, but still the lemon juice/baking soda treatment is good to know. I’ll pass it along to my pet-owning friends.

    Matthew caused so much damage. Whew. There’s another one down there now, Nicole.

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