Expect the worst, hope for the best

I’m a preparationist. Not a prepper and all that implies, but someone who believes in being prepared for pretty much any situation especially if it involves natural disasters like, say, hurricanes.  We live about an hour inland from the Georgia coast, and there’s all sorts of dire warnings about Hurricane Matthew and the potential it holds for this area. evacuations abound, all the hotels here are full, and the Walmart Parking Lot as well as all campgrounds are full up with travel trailers and RVs.

[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

I, being one who’s always expecting the worst, have cooked up a bunch of breads and apple cakes, made a pot full of soup that can simmer on the stove (we have a gas stove) (propane, that is, not natural gas. Also 2 spare bottles). Because I didn’t get any canning this done and not much dehydrating either,  there’s about 3 dozed quart mason jars and 10 or so 1/2 gallon mason jars that are clean and ready to be filled with drinking water.  All the cars have full tanks of gas. I’m doing laundry right now, in the event of power and water outages, we won’t stink. (Much).

A trip to the store on Monday means there’s toilet paper and dog food, grits and plenty of dried nonperishable foods. After we clean up tomorrow, the bath tubs will be filled with water to be used for toilet flushing (and only to be done when #2 happens) (if the water’s out). We are on a community well, so if the power goes out, so does the water. I have many large pots used normally for canning and mass cooking, those will also be filled with water.

Chances are, with all these preparations, nothing at all will happen. The power might blink. A neighbor might lose a shingle. Most likely we will get the proverbial (pardon the language but it’s how it’s done here)shit-ton of rain, and that means all the septic tanks and drain fields will overflow and the neighborhood will smell pretty funky for a couple of weeks. (shit-ton is more apropos than I realized just then!)

#4 cautioned me about being a little hyperactive about getting ready, perhaps even bordering on paranoid. But you know what? If it does go down big, guess who’ll be prepared? If the roof blows off my house and everything is ruined and I need a place to go, the car gas tanks are ALL full and I can go to Alabama and take the dogs with me. Plus extra people if I have to.  If it turns into a stiff breeze and a 10 minute loss of internet service, then call me paranoid because I don’t care.

I like the feeling of purpose that comes from preparing for a disaster.  Ok #4 just informed me if disasters happen he’s staying here and organizing his boy scout troop for disaster relief help. Good lad! I’m so proud of him! There are plenty of people with whom he could stay, starting with the scout master.

I went out this morning because it occurred to me that I had no candles nor lamp oil. Apparently that occurred to everyone else yesterday, because there was none to be had. Oh well, I thought, I’ll just sit in the dark. Due to a funky aroma from under the sink, I went scrounging for the bleach and came across. Lo! Behold! A 1/2 gallon of lamp oil! Enough to fill up 4 oil lamps! No matches, but #4 has several lighters and a whole bottle of lighter fluid. So, between those, the gas stove, and all that water, we’ll do fine for long enough to get somewhere else if necessary.  Prescriptions have been refilled so I’ll be good until November with those. Check, check and check.

It’s supposed to hit sometime tomorrow night. I’m thinking we will sleep downstairs in case the roof gets ripped off or a pine tree flies through a second story window. We have a couple of exceedingly comfortable recliners excellent for sleeping in. If there are extra people here, we have some twin mattresses that can be dragged out as well.

All lawn furniture has been laid over and put up against a fence. Umbrellas are down, basketball goal is down. Porch rockers have been brought inside. What am I forgetting? I’m sure I’m forgetting something that will become abundantly clear at the worst possible time to do anything about it.

Liquor cabinet is stocked. I have club soda and tonic water. Ginger ale for the requisite Dark and Stormies (that is, dark rum and ginger ale) (yum). Cards and board games are checked for parts. I’m hoping for an opportunity to show #4 what we did back in The Olden Days before the internet and TV. Ooh.  I wonder if there’s batteries for the short wave radio? Is that too old school? I need to make sure all the phones are charged up too.

I really hope I am over-cautious.



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5 Responses to Expect the worst, hope for the best

  1. jerseechik says:

    Charging the phones is a smart thing I usually forget.
    Shake #4’s hand for me, please- his is the best response to matthew that I’ve heard all week.
    It weirds me out that RVs are in your Walmart/campground lots- because you guys are supposed to get (high winds and) flash floods for about 48 hours.

    • rootie2t says:

      The Walmart and mall are up on hills, so they might get stuck in place due to flooding, but if the water and wind gets that high we probably have bigger problems than flooding. There are a couple of neighborhoods where floods could be a real problem. #2 and GF are planning on coming here. #1 want to be Intrepid, but #4 has rescue plans in place for him, as #2 drives a 2ton car with giant wheels and can plow through most anything.

  2. Aren’t you so thankful for this attribute of yours now that you’ve gone through it?!

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