A wonderfully ordinary day. So far.

I am thankful the philosophical megrims have subsided for a while. Oh, they’ll be back no doubt, but getting a breather is nice and makes them more deal-withable when they are sitting around fouling up the air.

Today has involved the things I found so comfortable through the past many years: doing laundry, cooking a nice meal, doing a bit of work…this time real work on the computer for school stuff.

I generally hated laundry but now it’s kind of comforting. Warm soft clothes being folded and ready to wear again. It smells nice, too. A while back I started making my own laundry detergent out of some sort of Ma Ingalls type of self sufficiency and money-saving endeavor. Now it’s a habit and I love the stuff. It’s easy, too. No fancy chemistry or mixing and waiting like I’ve seen on some detergent recipes. Nope. It’s a bar of soap, some washing soda and some borax. That’s it. Shred the soap real fine and mix it with the other stuff and boom. Laundry detergent and it works, too, even on #4’s stinky teenaged man-boy funk.  Here’s what it is: 1 bar soap (I use Fels-Naptha, but apparently any kind will work. Sometimes I use Zoat), 3 cups each washing soda and borax. Shred the soap super fine (food processor) and mix it all together. It makes about 7 cups. I use 2 tablespoons per load (front loading washer, I just throw it in with the clothes)

Image result for laundry on a clothesline

Photo credit:  Steve Raymer: Laundry on a Clothesline


The nice meal is the result of not cooking for a while and feeling the urge. Also finding a 3 pound rump roast in the freezer, that I’d forgotten about. So, pot roast, in an optimistic attempt to Bring On The Fall. Also rolls. And probably some sort of broccoli salad because there’s that in the fridge. Pot roast is one of those things about which everyone has their own methods and recipes. I snagged Himself with a potroast, assembled in a crock pot and left in his apartment the day he was due to return to school from Christmas break. It worked, too. The next day he asked me to marry him. True story.  I know of one other person who used my recipe and snagged a husband with it. It’s easy enough to make, if you want the recipe, leave a request in the comments.

The schoolwork is…well, it’s kind of fun. I’ve been learning Excel and it’s so procedural it makes my inner Seven of Nine all warm and fuzzy. In the Office Procedure course (essentially office and customer service etiquette) we are to make a customer feedback form, using Google Forms, and download it to the instructor. Excel has made me very familiar with the Microsoft procedures, so the process is familiar enough to add some warm fuzzies to the already existing ones.  Honestly, I am loving school, not because I’m all gung-ho about going to work, but because I’m learning stuff I didn’t know and reinforcing stuff I did…like the office procedure.

See, I am a sarcastic so-and-so, generally, and this customer feedback form is allowing me to let my inner 7-of-9 cock an eyebrow and offer answer options that may push the boundary of what our (somewhat humorless) instructor will accept. I have no idea how she will accept them, but since I am not actually breaking any rules nor making a form that is utterly incomprehensible, I’m hoping she will recognize that I understand the concepts and accepts the form with grace and humor.

It’s a peculiar dichotomy to be taking Office Procedure (How to be a Good Little Drone) and Leadership (How to Take The Bull By The Horns and Run Things, Machiavelli-Style) at the same time. I have to split my brain and not think of one while doing the other. The easiest way is to do the Procedure stuff (an online entirely course) on one day, and save the Leadership stuff for another.  I am not sure which mode I am entirely cut out for, but since I am only really wanting to work for 10 years or so, I’m pretty sure that Leadership is an exercise in Psychology, and other than dominating customers who annoy me, won’t be much used.  However, writing is a strength of mine, so maybe I’ll be put in charge of Customer Feedback Forms and add options that allow customers to recommend putting someone in Time Out.

So yeah, after the past several days (a couple of weeks, actually) of being all  introspective, it’s back to this side of my personality. Maybe it’s the season change. I love a good season change. Or maybe it’s the potroast. The house smells nice. Maybe it’s the underlying excitement of the upcoming life change. Who knows? It is what it is.


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2 Responses to A wonderfully ordinary day. So far.

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I’m getting in the mood for cool-weather food, too. We keep talking about a pot roast. This low0carb diet is reigning me in, but I’m ready to relax it a little. I got off to a strict start, but it’s getting to be time to moderate for long-term. A little of this and a little of that makes the world go ’round.

    There’s a job out there waiting for you.

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