Well, that’s one way to do it.

Anyone who’s ever bought a college textbook knows there’s a couple of ways of going about it. You can buy a new one (after selling a kidney), or a used one (much cheaper but probably all marked up with highlighter, but then for 1/4 the price one can tolerate someone else’s idea of what’s important).

*oo…thunder! Summer in the South… (also, easily distracted.)*

But then, textbook companies know this and to get around it, they put half their stuff online, and you have to have an access code which can only be used one time in order to get to the stuff. So, if you buy a used book, you can’t get to half the stuff, which in my case includes things like case studies and stuff about which the instructor will ask on the tests

Thus, I have  choice…buy a new one, with all the online resources (even Spiral bound! Or even the whole thing is online for about 1/2 the price but I don’t learn well that way and too much reading on a computer gives me a headache because I was raised reading paper books under a tree, taking notes on a slate with a chunk of charcoal fished out of a defunct fire, while holding onto the lizard I planned on roasting for lunch) (or something). So, because I need Old Skool Book-Larnin’ things, I have to cough up the chunk of change for the textbooks to the tune of about $450 per semester, and that’s just for business school. I know for a solid fact the science and engineering studies are double that, or more. Business texts=1 kidney. Engineering= 1 kidney, a liver lobe, and regular visits to the sperm bank, which is probably why there’s more men in engineering than women. (or so I am theorizing) (I mean, it makes sense to me.) (though hopefully #2 has found an alternative way to finance his engineering textbooks.) (That doesn’t involve a bunch of my grandchildren wandering around completely unbeknownst to me) Anyway. Where was I?

Oh yeah. Books. I like that many of them are coming spiral bound now. It’s much easier to do the computer related assignments with the textbook open next to me, not weighed down with a can of diced tomatoes to keep it from flipping closed. (true story.) (no seriously. I did that). The whole computer thing is nice, really (please don’t tell my kids I said that, because I am always harping on the benefits of schooling from 40 years ago). I like having the videos that supplement a chapter, and the quizzes I can practice on, and the ability to have a discussion with the other members of the class without having to put on pants or brush my hair. (theoretically. I probably almost always wear pants.) (most of the time).

I had my first day of my first class today. As with Spring semester (and I am learning as is typical of a small community technical school), it is a mixed bag of students, ranging from fresh-out-of-high school to old geezers more seasoned individuals with real world life experience. The instructor is one I had last semester, and he warned the others to watch themselves, as I will call them out for bad behavior or stupidity. (NOT the same as ignorance or inexperience. People can’t help that.But if they’re sitting there during the class fiddling on their phones, I WILL say something. It’s so rude.)

I noticed that the building wasn’t as cold as it had been. Previously the thermostat had been set on MeatLocker, and a sweater, long pants, an under-the-desk heater (seriously), a hot drink (I have coffee), and a bowl of steaming mashed potatoes was required to even function. I heard it theorized that people think better when it’s cold and maybe that’s true, but all I could think about was getting outside and warming up in the sleet. But, today it was warmer. Maybe it was all the bodies, all those fresh young faces of people apparently eager to do whatever they were doing. Maybe it was because all the computers were up and running, or maybe the New Administration (there was a Changing of the Guard over the Summer) recognized the financial benefits of setting the thermostat on a very reasonable 72F.  Maybe the people in the HVAC program got through to Whomever, that the ideal temperature differential is <20F between outside and inside. Or maybe someone just had a brainfart and forgot to turn it down, and I will need to keep a snowsuit in the car after all. Also insulated gloves, earmuffs, and the wool blanket my Grandmother knit for me about 20 years ago (it’s a beautiful cable knit thing and O so warm!)

So I’m taking 4 courses this semester and theoretically 3 of them are classroom, but upon further investigation and some consultation with a person who’d taken the class, one of those is practically online as the instructor rarely shows up. Which is fine I can figure out polynomials with the help of #4 though I wonder about the people who are not so fortunate as to have a built in tutor. I intend to maintain my overachiever reputation because it’s fun and I feel like it’s sort of making up for the straight-C status I maintained through grade school. Not that it matters anywhere except in my own head, but still. I am still unsure of what will be done with all this small town community college tech school education, but I figure that door will open up when it opens up. For now, it’s the path of edumication I’m on, and edumicated I will be, eventually.


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