Blue haired old lady

Ok maybe not so old because I hear 50 is the new 40 and here in the Deep South, women count backwards when they hit 40 so that would make me 29. Nice, right? I didn’t like 29 very much the first time around so getting to do it again is a bonus.

Anyway, ever since this Unnatural Hair Color went (sort of) mainstream I’ve kind of wanted a blue streak. Not BLOOOOOOO, but something pretty that’s not so noticeable until you get in the sun. And, I have a friend who’s a very skilled hairperson, and we were in Savannah the other day where she buys her professional supply stuff. I picked out a blue I liked, and last night she took the silver bit in the front of my head and dyed it a subtle soft blue. Perfect!

I have always told anyone who asked (or even didn’t, as I’m never stingy with advice or opinions) (and Himself said the same thing) that if you’re going to experiment with the hair, do it when you’re in school because chances are once you’re in The Real World, experimentation won’t be as easy.  Of course, these days with the full sleeve tattoos and nose rings and such, unnaturally colored hair isn’t really a thing that’s frowned upon in many places.

I was discussing stuff in the HR class last semester, and things like discrimination came up, and how tattoos and piercings and the like were not a reason to eliminate someone from consideration, unless maybe it was a face tattoo that read Heil Hitler, because that would call into question a person’s decision making abilities.

So, I’m grooving on the blue streak- kind of almost a periwinkle blue when combined with my steel grey. And that’s another thing…Did you know young people are dyeing their hair steel grey? That it’s a thing to have Aunt Edna’s hair color? How cool is that! For once in my life I’m On Fleek and without even trying!

ANYWAY…Want to see it? Click on this…

I know Himself would like it, he always smiled when I did something Different.


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2 Responses to Blue haired old lady

  1. Juli says:

    JieJie dyed her hair titanium, which is basically steel blue. I had my doubts, but she’s been her own hair decider* since she was 5. I also agree with you about this being a good time for her to experiment.

    She was stunning. Total strangers stopped her on the street to ask where she got it done. She is almost always right about these things.

    You look good, too!

    *I have veto power, because I’m the mom, I pay the bill, and I remember what is against the school dress code.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I know. Can you believe the kids are going gray? I’ve been thinking about letting mine grow out. The last time I had the “right” hair was in the eighties: big, curly, red hair was all the rage. You’re rocking the blue.

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