Ripping off the bandaid

I’ve started going through stuff in earnest. #4’s school is having a rummage sale next week and that is the ideal time to make use of all this STUFF. There is SO MUCH STUFF. Odd bits of individual glasses, Christmas things, assorted appliances never used, or used once and put away. Himself loved to provide for me, and if he saw (what he perceived as) a need, or felt like my life would be improved by a gadget, he got it for me. Now i have all sorts of things that are nice but unnecessary, and surely won’t fit in a house half the size of this one.

It’s tough though, some of these things. That glass I bought him at an antique store the time we took the trip to the mountains. It only means anything to him and me. All those candles because he was a Romantic, but many of them are unused and probably always will be if they stay here. Better to let some young couple from the school have them.

I thought it might feel disrespectful, or maybe dishonoring, to let go of these things, but they only meant something to the 2 of us, and we aren’t a ‘we’ anymore. I’m keeping photo albums, and the precious things he made for me over the years- furniture, a couple of fancy boxes. The rest of it, the odd bits and pieces, they can go. Let a kid with a handful of dimes and quarters buy them, or a couple just starting out.

There’s other things I have NO CLUE what to do with. There is a partial set of silverware, fine quality, nice and heavy, we received as wedding presents. It’s not complete and I haven’t used it…at all.  I have my grandmother’s silver now, if I need something fancy. Himself’s golf clubs- custom made for his long legs and none of our kids play golf nor are they built like him. There’s 100 sets of clubs at the pawn shop and Goodwill. I have a nice set of custom clubs as well, but he was my golfing partner and I don’t see playing again.

How you do this? Slowly, I guess. I had a fantasy of moving out, just the stuff I want for the new place, and leaving behind everything else. Then I’d have a sale, where people would get a big box, and for $5 they could have everything that fit into it. All furniture would be $10. Wouldn’t that be easy? Kind of like an estate sale only I’d still be alive. Hm. Maybe that’s just what I’ll do.

But for the moment it kind of aches to be doing this. I think it’s going well, but so far all I’ve dealt with are the things that don’t really matter anyway. That’s probably enough for now. And the ache could very well be the tacos from last night.


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3 Responses to Ripping off the bandaid

  1. Bernadette says:

    I’m going through the same issues. Kids don’t want the old stuff – even stuff that’s new/unused. Hard to throw stuff that I’d once lusted over and saved to buy. Of course, it’ll all get dumped after I’m dead, so I should have no problem chucking it – but I do!

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