So, how many hoops have you had to jump through lately? Tax stuff? How about finding the things you thought you had but don’t, or didn’t know you needed but do? Apparently I needed to have some form or another about insurance via Obmamaca Affordable Health Care, and didn’t but thankfully could get it online somehow. Which I did though I don’t remember how.

That happens a lot these days, forgetting something then discovering someone anticipated that and had a way for me to get it. So nice, those people who figured I would forget. And when I call them up and say something along the lines of “WHAT!?” and follow it up with “HELP!” they tend to be sweet about it and act like it happens all the time, middle aged widows who don’t know their teeth from their toes where health care is concerned call them up all clueless, so they keep everything accessible. Which I suppose ought to be worrisome, what with China and Russia and all these hacker people stealing numbers for their own nefarious purposes. I am not, however, concerned even though I should be, according to a certain Presidential Candidate Who Shall Remain Unnamed.

Today’s hoop involves transcripts from a school I attended 30 years ago, in a curriculum that has absolutely NO bearing on what I am studying today, and yet, for Financial Aid purposes, even though I have never used the stuff, preferring to pay cash-as-I-go, the school I am currently attending needs the information. Apparently to make sure I am not lying about having paid tuition 30 years ago, for classes unrelated entirely to the current course of study. I called the old school, had to jump through some internet hoops which were, inexplicably and inconveniently, NOT alphabetized  (the sweet and helpful woman on the phone admitted that was inconvenient and not her idea at all), and managed to find the form, which has to be sent to an entirely different place than the aforementioned school, due to the amount of time that has passed since my tenure there. Likely the transcripts are in a box in the basement, ruined by the Great Floods Of 1837, because it has been that long (just about).

I met with my adviser, who turned out to be the wrong one, so she sent me to the right one, only he wasn’t the right one either, given that I am having difficulties with math, though once I can pass the math he will become my adviser, so he just went ahead and advised me anyway. I am looking at summer courses, about 15 hours worth, all on Tuesday and Thursday, which makes for longish days but what else is there to do but sit in an air conditioned room and learn all about Human Resources and Occupational something-or-other. Summer isn’t good for much around here beyond iced tea and sitting inside. I can pull weeds on Wednesdays, and I’ve never much liked Tuesdays anyway. I will be dipping my toe into the pool of online classes, though I am feeling a little trepidation, as self discipline isn’t the strongest character quality I have. But, as is said, Knowing Is Half The Battle. Maybe,m since I like reading anyway and American Lit has a lot of Flannery O’Connor and Eudora Welty (both favorites) maybe it won’t be so bad.  Of course, all that is tentative, due to the transcript issue mentioned above.

But, as I say all the time now, it is what it is, and ain’t the worst thing that has ever happened to me. As long as the transcript gets there sometime before May 16, school will be good to go for Summer. If it doesn’t, well, I’ll do a lot of weeding.


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