A/C and Grand Plans

So, according to the weather widget, it’s 84 outside. Also, according to some people, anything over 80 calls for the A/C, lots of iced tea, and complaining about how hot it is outside. I, for about 2 seconds, considered turning on the A/C in Himself’s honor, as anything over 80 called for the A/C, etc. But then I thought “WHAT!?” as I remembered it is mid-March, and my Presbyterian Sensibilities (that being Frugality and a desire for Things To Be Done The Proper Way) (Which isn’t part of the Westminster Confession {that I am aware of} but is definitely part of the Presbyterian Personality) refuse to allow the A/C to be on so early. I remember way back when I didn’t want it on before June, but relented last year, as mid-April saw temps in the low 90’s and we all know it’s easier to sleep in a cool room.

All this warm weather has resulted in a happily growing garden, though I fear it may be too warm for the peas. There are tomatoes and assorted summer stuff out now at the garden centers, but anyone who knows anything knows that one simply doesn’t put stuff like that out until after Easter.

Which brings me to another question (ok, the first question but whatever). In my experience (and I may be wrong), Easter has been the last Sunday of Passover, since Jesus went to Jerusalem for Passover and then He was crucified. However, according to my calendar (and those are never wrong), Easter is March 27 and Passover happens sometime in April. Now, I suppose I could do what the Younger Generation does, and google it (isn’t it sweet how google is a verb!) to see what’s up with that, but I’d rather be old school and ask a question and act confused. I’ll probably google it anyway.

Ok, I googled it:

1. How is the timing of Passover calculated? Why does Passover sometimes fall after Easter?

The two holidays are based on two different calendars. Easter is based on the solar calendar, the calendar commonly used today. In Western churches, Easter is dated as the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. It therefore occurs somewhere between March 22 and April 25. Eastern Orthodox churches have a different approach based on the lunar calendar.

Passover, on the other hand, is based on the Jewish calendar, a lunar calendar that has twelve 28-day months. Every two or three years, there is a thirteenth month called Adar II included in the calendar. Over the course of a 19-year cycle, this “extra” month occurs in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th, and 19th years. The year 2008 was one of those years with an extra month. Passover occurs from the 15th to the 21st of the month of Nisan – which is the month right after the “extra” month of Adar II. The inclusion of the “extra” month in the lunar calendar thus caused Passover to fall nearly 30 days after Easter in 2008.

Anyway, there are loads of lovely things blooming right now. The Japanese Magnolias and daffodils are finishing up. The redbuds and Chinese witchhazel are going great guns. My next door neighbor has both, and I get to enjoy them.  The pines and oaks are also blooming in full force, and all sort of cleaning and dusting is put on hold for a month, because it is completely pointless. Not that THAT has ever kept me from not dusting, but for at least one month of the year I can legitimately say “there’s no point” and people would agree. It is entirely possible that, in a couple of weeks, I will have a fit of domesticity and actually clean things. There is always a sort of brief attitude change that happens afterward, a conviction that Yes, I Will Clean Regularly Now, because everything looks so nice! That usually lasts until the next project is started and my attention has wandered into different territory. Currently my attention has been focused alternately on the garden and on sewing projects. Peas, chard, and spinach are up. While technically tomatoes, squash, etc can be planted after March 27 (Easter), they likely won’t get in until May, when the peas and chard play out. Oh and potatoes. I planted a bunch and they’re coming up. See, isn’t that more interesting than baseboards and closets? I think so. I have a theory (not tested but sounds plausible enough) that if you go long enough without dusting, you can spritz it all with water, and peel it up like felt. That was developed by the same part of my brain that says if you have a cold, and drink enough gin, the alcohol content in your blood will kill the virus and once you get over the hangover, you’ll be well. See, plausible, right!? It is probably best that the people to whom I have expressed this theory are smart enough to nod politely and offer me a Sucrets.

School is going well enough. Midterms this week, which sounds more imposing than it is. One is an exam, the other is an essay. Neither has been graded yet, so I have no idea how I’m doing except that previous grades have been pretty good. in a little less than 2 weeks it will be time to sign up for Summer semester, and I am not too sure what I want to do there. It has been a VERY VERY long time (let’s see, I graduated from high school in 1983, so..33 years) since I’ve had a bona fide Summer vacation, and with #4 approaching his senior year of high school, thus the end of Summer Vacation for a long, long time for him, the idea of having a Summer Vacation with the 2 of us, maybe going some place or doing some thing, especially since I will be going to work in a couple of years…it seems like a thing to do, take a vacation and do some things with the last kid.  But on the other hand, he may get a job and be working all the time (which is sort of what he wants to do) thus here I would be, might as well go to school. I’ll have to meet with the adviser and see what happens. The idea of being able to plan a thing and go there, without as much risk of interference (do you remember how I’d complain because Himself’s job would inevitably have a MAJOR CRISIS that required cancellation of plans? So very many times that happened) is kind of interesting. As much as I’d rather have Himself here and have plans cancelled, that isn’t reality anymore, and the risk of cancellations is significantly reduced.

One of the major things The Process of Widowhood, and Himself’s very sudden demise, taught me is that there are no such things as set-in-stone plans. There are only plans that could most likely happen if nothing gets in the way. I could plan a trip, and #4 breaks a leg and can’t help drive, or one of the other boys has a major crisis and requires help. I have learned to be flexible through all of this, and when something throws a wrench in the monkey-works, I can shrug it off and change direction.  It beats getting all worked up over it and is certainly better for everyone involved that I not be the one people fear upsetting. Nope, if something comes up and I can’t do (whatever), then it probably wasn’t meant to happen in the first place. Like being married 50 years and sitting on the front porch watching  the great-grandchildren wrestle in the front yard was obviously not in the plans. It was pretty upsetting at first, when that realization hit me, but now I can say “it wasn’t in the plan, let’s go figure out what is.” I’ve quit feeling like God has taken something away from me, and He’s awfully mean for doing so. Now I can say that He did something amazing and wonderful for Himself, and has a Grand Plan for me as well. Even though I have no idea what that might be. For now, I am going through the door that has opened up, and that involves school.


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One Response to A/C and Grand Plans

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I used to be the one who didn’t want to turn the AC on too early. Now I’m the one who can’t wait to turn it on.
    I saw some daffodils growing on the side of the road a couple of weeks ago. So encouraging.
    I’d find a hole for some tomatoes if I were you. Boy, I can hardly wait for them. They are my faves.

    I made the mistake of opening the door to the entertainment cabinet today. Who knew so much dust could get behind glass doors? Well, I guess I did, but my ability to ignore such things has increased greatly over the years.

    Glad school is going well for you. I can’t imagine it, but I’m oh so happy for you. Quite the endeavor from where I sit. Go!

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