Bits and Pieces

Ok, since Spring Break starts today (for me, anyway, #4’s doesn’t start for another week, awe.) my attention span is short and choppy. Plus things have happened that keep me from pondering too hard. Nothing is wrong with pondering, mind you, but the oak trees and pine trees are (as Himself put it) very busy fornicating and leaving evidence all over the place, including in my sinuses. This results in a headache and sneezing. That’s ok, it’s worth all the pollen to be able to put the top down on the…

Oh.. my goodness. A pair of eagles just flew past the window. WHERE’S THE CAT?! ok there she is, asleep in the chair. *whew* And yes, they were eagles, not buzzards. This time of year there is this pair of golden eagles that nests in a nearby copse of pine trees. The cats need to stay inside for a while. Majestic creatures, they are, but definitely cat-eaters.

I fell yesterday morning, in the parking lot of the community college on my way from the car to a class. Splattered all over the parking lot, wrenching a vast assortment of joints and causing an explosion of salty language. Fortunately there was no one around, so the only stuff injured involved phyz, no emotional damage done. So the past 2 days were spent on the couch, with ice packs, textbooks (midterms), and the remote. And a glass of iced tea, as it is now warm enough for such treats.

Oh my how I love a nice fresh glass of iced tea. I do not drink it Southern Style Sweet, as that causes headaches and tooth decay. Here’s how I make it: 2 Family Size Teabags (or 3 regular ones), 1/4 cup sugar and 3 or 4 springs of fresh mint in a small pot of water (roughly 4 cups). Bring it to a boil. Put about 4 cups of ice in a 2 quart pitcher. Then the tea comes to a boil, pour it over the ice and stir until the ice is melted. Then fill the pitcher up with water. Yum, y’all. Mom always put mint in the tea when we were growing up. So now, that’s how it’s done. It tastes funny if there’s no mint in it. Also, there must always be a patch of the stuff growing, because dried ain’t right.

#4’s school has a fundraiser thing upcoming. I am in charge of Long Distance Donation Solicitations for the Silent Auction. That involves sending letters off to past donater donatoeurs   providers of donations asking for another donation. I can totally do it that way because I don’t actually have to get face-to-face with anyone. The thought of actually asking a real person to their face for something kind of makes me queasy. But writing letters and mailing them off is a snap. I only hope they reply because…there is always that fear. There is a spell of time between when the stuff is mailed and before replies come in that you start thinking no one is going to reply and the silent auction will be an abject failure. And it will be ALL MY FAULT. Because of course it will be.

The garden is planted for early Spring stuff like english peas, spinach, and chard. Also early potatoes. The spinach is up, and the potatoes are starting to peak through. They will need to be protected if it gets cold, but that’s why Himself built this fabulous cold frame a couple of years ago. Just plop it on the bed and there it is. Some creature got all the garlic I planted last Fall. I blame the dogs for not during their duty, tho to be fair, it was likely something nocturnal like a raccoon. But I still blame them because someone needs to take responsibility for such things and since I am the Manager, I can do that. Next time I plant garlic, there will be a hog wire cover over it.

With the advent of #4’s independence via vehicle operation, it has been interesting how our schedules have become non-schedules. He has soccer practice 4 afternoons a week, and likes to go to the university library afterward, to watch pretty college girls do homework and project stuff, and often isn’t home until 7 or so.  Since I go to school in the mornings now (ok, not as grand as it could be, but I like to pretend it is), sometimes leaving before he does, we get an hour or so in the evening before one of us poops out and goes to bed. Usually me but I’m like that. Consequently I am rethinking the evening-class thing. initially I wasn’t going to take any, but since he isn’t really here anyway, why not? The school is about 5 minutes from our house, so taking a couple in the morning, then a couple in the evening wouldn’t be horrible.

I have been doing a lot of machine embroidery lately, making aprons and kitchen towels. The beauty of those things is that they’re quick. A bit of design work, and aprons take about 45 minutes to sew together, and there you are.



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