and we’ll have fun fun fun….

I have Grand Plans for this Spring and Summer. I’m going Places and doing Things and they are all the sorts of stuff I was reluctant to ask of Himself because he worked so stinkin’ much I’d feel guilty about asking him to take his precious time at home and do something besides relax. Also it seemed every time I’d plan a Thing, especially one more than 20 miles from home, there would be some sort of MASSIVE CRISIS at work, and we would turn around half way there and come home. It would take both hands to count the number of times that happened in the 10 years he worked here. After 7 years of it, I gave up and quit asking. To be honest, though, right now I would be ok with not doing the fun things I’ve planned, if it meant having him home. But that isn’t going to happen so instead, I’m doing the things.

First, on March 25, the Saturday before Easter, a friend and I are going to BaconFest Atlanta! That’s right. A bacon party. No one under 21 is allowed because there will be beer and I am pretty sure they don’t want to fool with monitoring who’s drinking it. Also, there are apparently some fairly salty comedy routines planned, and live music. Since she and i both saw (and enjoyed) Deadpool, salty comedy isn’t anything much, and since we both have multiple children, ignoring any unappreciated noise ain’t no thang. We are just going for the bacon and the beer, and maybe an opportunity to take our pictures with someone dressed like a bacon slice.

Then later on, sometime in April or maybe May (I’m going to go check the calendar…)…no wait…April. Several friends and I are going to Savannah for fancy haircuts and a Facial Party at L’Occitaine. Also food. Somewhere.

Then later on (May? You’d think I would have checked on the calendar for that while I was up, but no.)(Wait, it’s April 23), there is an Atlanta Garden Show thing. I love garden shows. All those flowers and stuff. I am sure I will find someone to drag along.

Then in June, there is the Atlanta Street Food Festival at Stone Mountain. That’s a no-brainer right there. Food truck, with fancy food like…I don’t know…Argentinian-Vietnamese Fusion Tacos; and Cauliflower Pizza With Squid Ink Charcuterie,Sheeps Milk Cheese, And Figs. I’m feeling adventurous and will drag a couple of friends along, to make them taste test the squid ink and determine it’s freshness. Because that’s what friends are for.

See there, monthly Fun. Add in trips to Alabama to visit the Grandpunkin, see the Good Dr. H, the annual school fundraiser on April 9, and generally trying to keep the garden in order (which can be done during the week), I’m filling up the timesheet. It feels good. Himself would be happy to see I am not wasting away, watching sad sad movies and eating cans of cold peas.

But it sure would be nice if I could take him along. I will, in my heart.

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