Bucket List

  • Photograph a raging tornado
  • photograph lightning
  • also an erupting volcano
  • and the aurora borealis, preferably from Iceland
  • a photo safari in Southern Africa
  • Dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant
  • successfully knocking off one of the dishes from said restaurant
  • Seeing Dicky Betts in concert
  • also Pat Metheney
  • Driving to Maine and eating a fresh lobstah roll
  • ok, that’s about it. For now.

What’s on your bucket list?


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4 Responses to Bucket List

  1. Seeing Dicky Betts in Concert would be great! Allman Brothers a favorite group of DH and myself. DH played the guitar and hearing Dicky Betts makes me think of him. He wanted to play in the Big Jam session in heaven, I think he will. Maybe he’s practicing even now. 🙂 We don’t really know what being with Jesus is really going to be like. More wonderful than we can even imagine.

    That is some bucket list you have!

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

    • rootietoot says:

      The Allman Bros was a favorite of Himself, as well. He couldn’t play a musical instrument no matter how many lessons he took (tone deaf!), but I imagine with an eternity to learn how, he’ll eventually get it 🙂 “Our song” was Blue Sky by Allman Bros. His ring tone on my phone was Jessica. I can’t listen to it just now, but I hope eventually I’ll be able to, and smile, instead of start bawling.

  2. Barbara says:

    I suppose I’m an odd one out – I don’t have a bucket list. Getting to move closer to people maybe? But watching my great-great grandchildren come into the world would top it if I did. Maybe even get to retire, would be nice though I don’t expect that luxury in this lifetime. Those are more hopes than anything though.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    I don’t have a bucket list, but I could go with #6 on your list: dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant, and then repeat it nine times. I love New England and have gone to Maine and eaten a lobster roll and a whole lobster the next night. Yum! I could do that again.

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