I let #4 stay home from school today, and will tomorrow as well. I’m the boss here, and i get to make the Executive Decisions. He assured me he has no exams today or tomorrow, and if he does, he’s the one who has to deal with the consequences, such as “if your grades slip because of this I am taking the computer away and packing it in the closet”. But really, we are both kind of suffering at the moment and need the Mental Health Days.

It’s strange, why are these 2 days any different than any other? Why are Anniversaries so important to us, anyway? Why do we commemorate things annually? Think about it, all the important stuff like birthdays, weddings, National Holidays, religious holidays, and now, deaths…pretty important things either for the individual, the family, or the nation. Why DO we do that? Why can’t we have the one, and be done with it? What it is in our psyche that requires us to recognize these things once a year?

I guess maybe it starts Biblically? God has the Israelites do all this stuff once a year-Passover, the assorted holy days like Yom Kippur and Purim. Is that where it comes from, or was the need to commemorate in there all along?

spock logic

All I know is that, while we have felt the loss of Himself every day, the heaviness hasn’t been so thick until yesterday, and I anticipate it lifting on Thursday. How about that, planning the grief. That seems kind of…I don’t know…Vulcan or something. you know, Emotions must be managed on a tight rein and not allowed to get out of control.

I think that giving ourselves these couple of days to let it run loose, and to sort of indulge some of it (by binge-watching Netflix and eating brownies and BBQ chips instead of being all Sensible with the Algebra and homecooked organic phoo-phaa lentils) is therapeutic. It’s permission to let the controls be ignored and simply BEE. It will enable us to gather ourselves together Thursday morning and pick up where we left off yesterday. We will be able to Keep Calm and Carry On. etc etc.



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