Lady, you’re no lady!

#4 and I drove the 4 hours to Alabama, to spend the weekend with my (well, OUR) family. He got out of school at noon on Friday and has today (Monday) off from school, so why not!

It was fun, and a lot more got accomplished than ordinarily happens on a given weekend. We blew up some stuff! What fun! We are a family of closeted (and not-so) (ok, none of us are closeted, we are all Loud and Proud of it) pyromaniacs. Controlled ones, to be sure, but give us some stuff to make loud noises and smoke and flying objects and we are all happy campers. Dad had a few stumps that needed removing, so to make room for the foundation of his new shop building. Naturally, being Dad, he couldn’t up the building in a spot that was flat and had no stumps. It is far better to put it in that spot with the ditch and the 3 massive stumps, because that necessitates the use of heavy equipment and Tannerite, which improves any situation.

So, heavy equipment, in the form of a tractor thing with a backhoe on it, was procured, as was 10 pounds of Tannerite. The smaller stumps were removed, and one of the larger ones, a double thing with a root system that likely spread into the next county, was assaulted by multiple jars of explodey stuff. It was too close to the house and blacksmith shop to allow reckless behavior, so polite little explosions of 1 pound jars were employed, I think many times, to no avail. It was finally determined that a stump grinder would be best, and the project was abandoned.

All that excitement and cordite worked up an appetite, and Dad, being Wise In His Old Age, suggested we all go to the local Asian market, which has a restaurant off to the side, because he was craving their Salt and Pepper Scallops. Dinner included The Grandpunkin (now 8 months old), sitting to the side and blowing raspberries as commentary on the conversation. After dinner we strolled through the market, marveling at 127 different types of noodles, 5 pound bags of dehydrated mushrooms, and 1/2 pound packages of fried silkworm snacks. Alrighty then…Who am I to criticize? We regularly eat moldy dairy products and questionable meat products. And canned squeezecheeze. What the heck is that stuff, anyway?

The next day, #3 gave us an excited phone call, inviting us over to see the baby mini goats that were in the process RIGHT THAT MINUTE of being born. By the time arrived, there was a pair of tiny little goats, the size of rabbits and sounding like irritated cats, being licked over by a protective nanny. We watched them try to wobble to their feet…SO STINKIN CUTE. More Grandpunkin squeezing, some fishtank gazing, and back home for lunch. Then the 4 hour drive home with #4 in the back seat, and he discovered if the front seat was laid forward he could use it as a foot rest! Genius!

I was tired when we got home around 6. By 6:15, the clothes were off, the cashmere bathrobe was on, and I was in the process of pouring a glass of Malbec. The phone boinked with the announcement of a text message. It was a friend wanting to know if I wanted to go to a movie, and being as it was Valentine’s Day and we were in the same sad situation of being Valentineless, of course I wanted to go. No wine had been consumed, #4 is old enough to fend for himself, so we went to a movie. We saw Deadpool, which is filthy, violent and full of foul language and I am certain I should wholeheartedly disapprove of it, but it was also hilariously funny and just the thing for a couple of Valentineless female types. And we weren’t the only ones there. Greasy burgers and fries/onion rings afterwards, and home by 11, which is only like 3 hours past my bedtime. Whatever.

Now it’s back to Monday, laundry is being done one load at a time (I can’t run the washer if the dryer is running…it’s complicated), College courses don’t have any respect for Presidents birthdays so school was gone to. We’re getting into the legal stuff now- what you can be sued for and the like. Regular life…I’m out of dog food, that sort of thing. As long as I know the opportunity to blow something up exists, I can make it through all the other stuff, like reading a list of Robert Frost poems for English and typing solicitation letters to businesses, asking for donation for a silent auction. Ladylike things.



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2 Responses to Lady, you’re no lady!

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Wow! What a weekend. You packed a lot in there. I’m always amazed at how many different pasta shapes there are in the world. Someone is very creative… and busy.

    My grandson would love blowing up stuff, and the littlest one adores goats. ADORES them. We went to a farm in the fall, and we couldn’t get her away from the small goats. She would be overcome with happiness if she ever saw a brand new one just born.

    I’ve seen Ryan Reynolds interviewed about Deadpool. I’ll have to remember it when it shows up on NetFlix. H will like it. Not sure about me.

  2. rootietoot says:

    Deadpool is NOT FOR CHILDREN, but according to my sons, who know these things, that is true to the comic. It is An Adult Publication. It is definitely An Adult Movie. however, the dialog is SO FUNNY!

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