Another chapter

Ok, so school has started. I own a couple of textbooks, one of which the instructor informed the class wasn’t needed, as we could look up the stories online. Oh well. I threw away the receipt, so it can’t be returned either. Textbooks can be quite the racket. It cost $90 for a book of short stories that were out of copyright. I will chalk it up to inexperience, and see if it can’t be resold on Amazon or something.

So far so good. I like school. Each class has met twice, with the first day being business stuff like going over the syllabi, rules for attendance, etc. The second days were actually learning stuff, which was lovely. No really, it was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Both instructors are fine with participation, and next class day I will wear a muzzle because honestly once I get started it’s hard to stop. I’m all full of “why” and “how come” and “that seems a little ridiculous”.

The class demographics are not an issue.  Initially I was a little concerned about being a 50 yr old in a room full of 18-19 types. Nope, it’s a community college, not a university. Thus, the class population tends to be a very mixed bag. It is much more comfortable than previously worried over. I also signed up for first-of-the-morning classes, which also contributes to the mixed bag vs. young whippersnapper collection. It makes for finding easy parking as well.

Thus far, no one has spoken out against the travel mug full of coffee, also a concern. If there is a mug full to sip on, I won’t blurt out as much. While classroom participation is a graded feature, it is also important to give the other people chance to impart wisdom ask questions.

I’ve turned another page, entered another chapter. This is the opening paragraph. If this all goes as well as I hope, there will be a chance to enroll in the Major University in the town near The New Place. That would be fun. Investigations of job opportunities in The New Place showed myriad openings for the sort I am considering. However, I’m not sure about working general business stuff. It would be lovely to have  a chance to work at a non-profit. I won’t need a large income, just something supplemental. Working at a non-profit could be rewarding. Maybe some experience should be gathered initially, then go to the non-profit as something comes available. Who knows? I have decided that, instead of cramming classes in to finish up by Summer 2017, I will keep the course load reasonable and finish when I finish, likely December 2017. What’s the rush, anyway? I might as well do it properly, since it is an investment in the future.

The way I see it, God has opened up a bunch of stuff here lately, closed some major doors, but opened some big ones at the same time. Right now, my job is to go to school and learn some useful stuff. To be honest, it was irritating at first, to find out about having to take English composition, but even after the first couple of days I can see it will be very beneficial, and I am going to enjoy it. There is a lot of writing to be done, and writing is fun! As for the marketing course…well…it’s understandable why it needs to be taught, as it is an introductory course, but I am struggling with the need to know the difference between Figureheads and Spokespersons (Spokespeople?). I am sure it will pick up and become more interesting as the semester progresses. These are the doors through which I am currently going. They aren’t scary doors, there are no cliffs, dark corners, or (hopefully) places for monsters to hide. There is just a (very young-ish looking) Marketing instructor, and a sarcastic English composition (yay! I love sarcasm!) teacher. There is a classroom with a diverse population (waitress, housewife, hookah distributor), in a school 5 minutes from my house.

All this time I am thinking how Himself would be proud of me. The boys are, they keep telling me this. I am excited.


































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4 Responses to Another chapter

  1. srra says:

    As you move toward finding a job check out the Ask A Manager blog. An advice column for job seekers, managers, workers, etc. Fun to read and some excellent advice.

  2. marla says:

    Good for you! As we all know – attitude is half the battle, and you have an excellent one!

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