Can I join a sorority?

Today was the first day of classes…that’s right. I’m a student now. It’s been…um…(counting)…30 (ish) years since I studied anything more complicated than a recipe or a clothing pattern. However, they seem to recognize that, and there is much handholding and pointing in directions and such-like. The only mildly panic moment was when the instructor informed us that there will be a project and it might be a Group One. I do not play well with others. I have no patience and will take over the whole thing and wind up saying something like NO…THAT’S NOT RIGHT…OH NEVER MIND I WILL JUST DO IT MYSELF” and that is NOT the proper attitude for a group project.

Speaking of the instructor, he’s 12. Or close to it. There is no grey hair on his head and he has a 9 year old child. However, he pretty much seems to know what he’s talking about so I’m going to go with that.

Happily, I am not the only 50-something woman in the class. There’s 2 others including one with (!!) 51 grandchildren. I didn’t ask how. There are also a couple of veterans, several +25s, and only a sprinkling of recent high school graduates.

So, that chapter of my life has started. Himself would be proud.

It feels peculiar and interesting and kind of pretty good to be on a path now, instead of just kind of sitting here, pretending to be The Same Old Thing when life has actually changed pretty drastically. I’ve been pretending that it hadn’t changed much at all, but we all know that’s not the truth of it. Finally, the sense of purpose is starting to return, even though the purpose is quite different now. For the next 2 years or so, my job will be to learn how to have a job. There will still be enough time in the day to cook the meals, do the laundry, all the usual stuff, but learning something practical will be the real thing. It’s kind of exciting, and I’m not a-feared of it a-tall.

Tomorrow: Literature. Apparently I’m going to learn how to read and write. Probably from another 12 year old. I might even learn how to write in complete sentences, instead of incomplete ones! (spacing, like punctuation, is everything!)


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