One thing at a time

As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of things that aren’t quite in order. One is the yard. it’s too wet to do anything about that so it is getting shelved for a couple of months. The neighbors will have to deal with it. Maybe if they get annoyed enough they’ll come over and do something useful about it, but I’m not holding my breath. So shelved it is.

Now, about this “school” thing, there was a test that had to be taken, to evaluate just how atrophied my brain was, and what needed to be done about it.Mainly the algebra lobe was completely gone. Like…why are letters where numbers should be? This is not logical. The academic advisor, upon reviewing test scores, recommended some brushing up on the algebra EVEN THOUGH in my chosen major, it will NEVER be used. “Why?” I asked. “Sigh” he sighed. “Because you must. It’s the rules.” And he apologized, recognizing sometimes The Rules seem arbitrary and pointless. Which, after 50 years of living on this Green Earth, I am quite aware, and even willing to recognize that sometimes one must do arbitrary and pointless things.Like algebra.

So, in the interest of not being a dummy, I have been at Khan Academy brushing up on the algebra skills. Oy. Some things are pretty obvious and easy, like absolute values. Others (and do NOT tell me how easy these are!) like fractions of radicals and adding those, are not. Apparently I remember PEMDAS better than I though, which is encouraging. However, there is a little trouble with the multiplication of negatives…I have a hard time remembering if a negative times a negative is a positive or a negative. Or a negative times a positive is a negative…I think it is but…(and I am sure every single 7th grader on the planet is rolling their eyes, if they were reading this…which they are not…but I ask them to be respectful and recite a buttermilk biscuit recipe from memory, or the temperature to roast a chicken perfectly, or the NPK ratio for fertilizing roses in soil with a pH of 6.5) (ok I don’t know that one but I know where to look it up and that is almost as good)

I also cracked open the textbook for a marketing class I’m signed up for.  Apparently you log into a web site and enter a number and it activates all this supplementary stuff for the class. I did that, and apparently it’s activated but I can’t get past the page that says “you have 182 days left on this activation”. It won’t show me the notes or flash cards or other clever study aids it supposedly has. And the textbook? BOOOOORIIIING…good lord what a snooze. But, in the interest of being able to manage, I ave to take a class on How to Manage that starts out with “this is what a business is and this is why it needs Trained Managers, Which You Will Be At The End Of This Course” But it does not train me how to find the supplemental stuff on their web site, nor are their hidden clues within the textbook (that I can find). This does not, however, cause anxiety. O no. Anxiety is sitting in an emergency room waiting area while doctors try to revive your husband after he’s had a massive heart attack. THIS…is NOT anxiety. Frustration a little, maybe, but whatever. Most likely the instructor will get a visit, and possibly a loaf of pumpkin bread if he proves to be useful.

In the mean time, New Patterns are trying to get established. Regularity of life-things. I cooked a meal, but #4 isn’t hungry (likely due to wisdom tooth after effects). But nonetheless, a Meal Was Cooked. Chicken, fancy noodles, and peas. Go me. The house was tidied up and cobwebs swept. Almost all of the Christmas stuff was packed up, except for the Tacky Ceramic Tree. It makes a nice nightlight, Very soothing. The dining table has been cleared of nonsense, papers gone through and dealt with, and stuff put away. In 2 rooms. Really “stuff put away” just means many things were moved from one room to another, generally consolidating messes to smaller areas, where they will be ignored until patience wears thin and it all gets scooped into a dumpster and burned.

Welcome 2016. May this year be interesting in all the best ways.


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One Response to One thing at a time

  1. jerseechik says:

    The “registration code for web site supplementary stuff” is pretty common these days. #1 has already had codes for 2 of her classes. What a modern age we live in!

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