ok maybe a little…

Maybe something Christmas-ish might happen a little bit after all. I wore a red sweater today. And put up that funky ceramic Christmas tree, you know the kind your aunt made a million of and gave to everyone in the mid-70’s, the ones with the plastic bulbs that stick in the holes, and the bulbs fall out so you have about half the holes are just holes and you gradually wiggle the other bulbs loose and migrate them together and turn the part with no bulbs to the wall…that one. Yeah, we have one. Himself brought it into the marriage, and it was promptly  poo-pooed as being tacky but because I was a Pretty Good Wife Most Of The Time™ we still put it out. The thing grew on me over time. I eventually found replacement bulbs at The Online Find-Anything Place (Ebay, baby!) and all the holes are plugged.  Anyway, it is easy to set up, fairly festive, and might actually kick start a decorating thing.

We have always had a live tree. They smell good. I have a little fake tree that gets put upstairs in the windows that look out front. It’s about 3 feet tall. It might get used as The Tree this year. It’s paid for, it has some lights, and we have a grand total of (…counting…) 6 ornaments to put on it.  Plus maybe some more if #2 can be convinced to fold some origami birds. There’s a nice blanket chest in the living room that could serve as a stand. And there would be no hassle of dealing with a live tree, which was Himself’s job. I suppose if the aroma of tree was missed, there are pine scented candles out there.

Perhaps the Santa mugs will come out. That is yet to be determined. Maybe a wreath on the door. unlikely but maybe. The door is already green.  We have a nice magnolia tree that could donate pretty glossy green leaves for a non-conifer type wreath. Oh who knows. Many years I get all hoopdydoo gungho about the decorating. It may boil down to decorate <or> bake. All I now is there aren’t very many Fridays until Christmas, not that Fridays matter entirely, but it is one way of counting. Main thing I know is Himself isn’t here to get all excited with me, so it isn’t very exciting.   He was kind of like a little kid about it, and a lot of fun to DO for. There’s only one kid left in the house right now, and he get his driver’s license (barring anything ridiculous) tomorrow so that will be about the last I see of him. So who knows. Maybe I will decorate for ME, because I want to and since I am the Mater Familias now, can do so.


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2 Responses to ok maybe a little…

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Our tree is almost five feet, maybe a little less. It sits on a table. I like it. It’s being enough and fits through that hole to the attic… which is important. I do remember when we went from a live tree to an artificial one and then from a large artificial one to a smallish one. There was discussion and it took me a few years to convince H. Now he’s on board.

    I was “the aunt” who made those ceramic trees back in the seventies. Ha! I don’t have a single one, but I believe I gave them as gifts. They were all the rage back then.

    Do what feels right, Rootie. I’d opt for keeping it simple, but then I’m the one who proclaimed she was going to keep it simple this year, and then spent the past week decorating anything that couldn’t move. I was in the mood. I might not be next year. Who knows? Each year is different.

    • rootietoot says:

      Hah, I saw the picture of your room for The Grand Trio. It looks like Santa threw up in there. You know you love it. One day I will be like that, when there are Many Punkins. But for now, yeah, only as much as I want to.

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