Its been a while, yeah? Sorry, I kind of dropped off for a while.

I don’t even remember how long ago…

I’m pulling out my widow card on this one. See? It’s my excuse. Gets me out of many things these days, especially social stuff.

I went and saw the Grandbaby…he’s still an infant and cute as can be. honestly I am looking forward to the 3-9 month stage. That’s when they start getting interesting. Right now he’s adorably cute in that cuddly baby doll sort of way.

Then I took Mom to Sanibel Island way down in South Florida. Theoretically it is an 8 hour drive. Reality is, due to her intense adversity to interstate highways and speeds over 55, it’s more like a 12 hour drive.  The island is nice though. It’s the wrong time of year for the interesting seashells but we got a ton of Calicos, those sort of scallops that are small and all colored purple stripes and stuff. Pretty things.

We ate an amazing meal served by a handsome French waiter named Jean-Claude…fresh caught grouper and scallops, blackened and served on a bed of dirty rice with fresh steam haricots vert…mmmmm

But now, I am exhausted. All that driving…the beach was nice tho. I got some great pictures and was protected one afternoon by a tiny superhero.

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  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    I love Sanibel, it feels like it’s a step away from everything. I remember the first time I took my sons, they could not believe that there was no McDonald’s on the Island, just a Dairy Queen.

    We also love the antique store there, always a must see.

    I’m so glad you got away, the beach is always so restorative.

    So, basically jealous about the Sanibel thing, and jealous about the Grandbaby thing.

    • rootietoot says:

      Oh the antique store was fabulous! Like a museum of popular culture! Also the food…and the people were so friendly…and all the flowers…and the beach…and Oh…the houses on Captiva Island! Woah!

  2. Judy says:

    So nice of you to do that for your Mom. Wish I had a kid who’d like to take me to Sanibel AND Captiva. I love those places.

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