Navel gazing w/cookies

Do you ever put things on your to-do list just for the satisfaction of crossing them off? I do. Sometimes (like now) when life is both over- and underwhelming at the same time (man, sometimes it’s just too much and not enough ALL AT ONCE!) I will sit down to make out that joyous and comfortable daily list, and put stuff on it like “eat” and “breathe” and “coffee at 2pm”, just to cross them off and feel like something real was accomplished. Try it, it is comforting to make yourself feel like you did something useful.

Breathing is useful. So is eating, and coffee (or caffeinated beverage of choice. So I am addicted. So what. ).

The past few days, or maybe couple of weeks, have really put a hurting on my view of humanity. Oh the stupid! All of it! It makes me crave The Hillbilly Compound and the .45 Henry Big Boy and the targets that explode. They are cathartic.

Now, I am not inclined to make political statements, or any sort of statement beyond my own navel-gazing. It would appear, however, that our culture in all it’s diversity, could stand to do some navel gazing of it’s own, and soon.  We, as a country, are suffering badly from a case of (what Himself called ) The Butthurts.

A symbol has a whole demographic (or maybe several demographics, I haven’t parsed it out to see) wanting to erase History. You can’t erase history. That’s like trying to erase math. Or the sky. I recognize that the Confederate flag has come to symbolize a terrible part of this country’s history for many many people. Keep history alive. It’s important, and we’re supposed to learn from it.

Then there’s the whole bit about Christians Hate Gays. Really? Some do, I know. Many times that is an inflated statement though. Disapproving of a particular behavior isn’t the same thing as hating that person who behaves that way. There are lots of things of which I disapprove. If I made a list, then decided to hate every person who did those things, I’d have no friends. Or family. then I’d have to hate myself. That won’t work.  If I see a person in distress and I am able to help them, I am not going to go down my list to make sure they don’t do those things before I help them, and if I find out afterwards they do some (or even one) of those things, I won’t retract the help. That would be stupid and go contrary to Jesus’s command to love your neighbor as yourself.  I know many people (Christians, in fact!) who believe this way also. I resent the the loud accusations that I hate people because I disapprove of something they do. It makes me want to go to the Hillbilly Compound and shoot exploding targets. Again.

Himself felt the same way. We backed each other up with this when it got hairy out there. I miss my backup. now I want to eat cookies and watch Poldark. Because wow.


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4 Responses to Navel gazing w/cookies

  1. jerseechik says:

    Amazingly, I did not recognize that handsome fellow as Aidan Turner, the guy who also played Kili in “The Hobbit”. So I looked him up on ImDB.
    But now I can’t look at him any more, because I am a Good Christian and Aidan Turner was born in Dublin and graduated from the *Gaiety* School of Acting.
    Seriously, good post about loving our neighbors as ourselves. And that really is where he learned to act.

  2. Judy says:

    Yes–I feel the same way and miss my “back-up” too.
    Some people are taking this tearing down the flag to ridiculous extremes.
    It seems almost everything nowadays, is taken to extreme.
    I think they want to re-write history?

  3. jmcquaig says:

    So appreciate your comments on gays. With a close relative who is gay, I have more young gay acquaintances than I ever imagined I would. I love my relative dearly; I’m very fond of most of his friends. Do I approve of his lifestyle? Absolutely NOT. And he does know that this is not the lifestyle we who love him would want for him. But it is my job and my pleasure to love him and to show the love of God to his friends. Hate never solved anything.

    • rootietoot says:

      I think, what if that were my child? I would still love him. He (and yes, his partner) would be welcome into my home. Same as a son who was living with someone, and not married to her.

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