White linen and Joy

Easter, for me, is the announcement of Time To Wear Linen, and It’s Ok To Wear White. Because I am kind of old fashioned like that.

So, you might ask, what about celebrating Christ’s resurrection? Isn’t that important to a Christian? Of course it is! However, it’s not a once-a-year thing, not for me, anyway. It might be the one Sunday many people, who never go to church otherwise, show up…which is great, I am glad they are there. I celebrate His resurrection daily…it’s the thing that keeps me going. Because of His resurrection, I have the hope of Heaven. It was his willingness to take on the judgement of the entirely of mankind’s sin, every last bit of it, and to suffer both physically on the cross, and mentally because of God’s anger/wrath for all that sin, and that HE carried it all so I wouldn’t have to, so I could say “I am sorry, please forgive me” and not have to work and work and work to try to atone for all my bad behavior…that’s the whole point of it all.

It’s not a Magic Phrase…I can’t just say “oops, sorry” or repeat a series of words in a particular order…I have to recognize that He did all this, that I don’t deserve it but He did it anyway, because He loves me (and you) and wants me (and you) to know Him.

For the longest time I knew OF Him…like knowing about Abraham Lincoln or someone like that. He was a very smart man who had lots of important things to say and wanted everyone to treat everyone else nicely. I read a bunch of stuff about Him, and was impressed by His life and how He lived it. All that was well and good, but He was just Jesus, some wise man who lived a long time ago.

Then, through a series of events that lasted a couple of years and didn’t make me very happy, I came to know HIM…like, right there and real, not just a guy from 2000-ish years ago. The difference is pretty profound. Imagine how you would feel if you got to sit down to dinner with someone you knew a lot about and was pretty sure he’d be a great dinner companion and then there he is…It is a pretty radical difference, and frankly, I didn’t like change so I sort of made an ass of myself about it. God’s attitude about it all seemed to be “Too bad, chicky, I’m here and not going anywhere so you might as well get used to it.” Then I decided it was a good thing and resenting a good thing was not very bright.  Himself used to tell me I thought too much, and told me to quit fighting the inevitable and get with the program. Getting with the program of allowing God to be right there up close and personal turned out to be a pretty smart thing to do.

Oh sure, there are lots of people out there who think it’s dumb and probably ignorant and why on Earth would I want to rely on a myth…or whatever. Yeah whatever. It’s no myth. It is called salvation, and is what has kept me from many a stupid decision, allowed me to get over some stuff I was stumbling with, and accept what comes, even the awfully painful stuff like the loss of a spouse. It doesn’t mean I don’t miss Himself, it just means I am not despairing over it. Why would I? Himself believed in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit just as much, and that means I can tell him “see you later” instead of a very final “goodbye”. That is what Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter) is, a confidence and a joy that cannot be contained in one day a year.


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3 Responses to White linen and Joy

  1. Your testimony is shining brighter with each passing week. I’m so thankful God is carrying you though this journey and is guiding your feet as you take these baby steps down the new path.

  2. Judy says:

    True. It seems these last three years, since Fred’s death, I have become even stronger in my knowledge that Jesus is very real and near-by every single day. It’s gone way passed just “faith”–it’s a real knowing. Glad I am of that.

  3. Barbara McKenna says:

    So glad you told me about your blog. Yes, Ro. 8:28 is true (as is every word of scripture) and we find out how truly personal it is in the most painful times.

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