One day…

Someday in the future, probably not too soon, but eventually, colors will be bright and sunshine will be warm and the dog farts will be funny.

Some day soon I will be astonished by the billowing yellow clouds of mating pine trees. That’s not what Terry called it but he’s a man and could get away with such language better than I can.

Food will taste good again, some day.

It’s fine, it’s a season of life. We all have seasons.

Being in love, everything was technicolor bright and tasted, smelled, sounded, felt wonderful.

Living life it was all contentment, quiet pleasures and small joys. Occasional celebrations and excitement but mostly gentle contentment and comfort.

Now, it’s sepia, viewed through the lens of loss and confusion, grief, but I know the colors are there.

Little things, I see them and think

“Oh i want to show him” or

“I need to take a picture to send him” or

“I love daylight Savings Time because we can sit on the patio in the evening and enjoy the light and a glass of wine before dinner”

well. then.

I guess each thing, each event or flower or fresh tomato we shared…

now who do I share them with?

i guess it’s all part of The New Normal, figuring that out.


About rootietoot

I do what I can.
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