the best laid plans, etc

Today was going to be a Mental Health day. I intended to get in the sewing room and make things for babies because…well…BABIES. What’s better than making things for new tiny persons? Not much, I tell you what.

Only, I woke up with a pain in one eye, like a bit of gravel was stuck in there. “Great. Pinkeye on top of everything else.” Only a look in the mirror rules that out. Much rinsing and eye-washing commenced to no avail. Oh Well, maybe it will go away on it’s own.

So, #4 and I plodded sadly through the morning, missing Himself and trying to act as if maybe things would be normal soon. Coffee, breakfast, etc. Taking him to school, the eye still felt bad so I turned left instead of going straight and went to the Dr’s office, because they have walk-in visits in the morning. After dosing my eye with day-glo orange napalm and making me look like a liver-transplant candidate, he couldn’t tell. A referral to an opthamologist  opthomologist  eye doctor, and he did it again. Day glo orange napalm. Streaking down my cheek and I look like someone who just left a club and has a hangover. Anyway, upon examination he said “hm. Have you ever had a fever blister?” Yes, I replied. Sometimes when I have the flu. “Hm.” he said.  “you have a fever blister on your cornea. It’s caused by the same herpes virus that causes fever blisters.”

Wait. I have herpes in my eye? The heck…?

“It’s usually brought on by stress. Have you been under any unusual stress recently?”

Uh…well…uh…yeah….my husband of 28 years died last Tuesday….

“GASP*” He grabbed me into a hug and said “I AM SO SORRY, we’ll get you fixed right up!”

I remembered a conversation Himself and I had a couple of years ago. We were watching TV and this commercial for some sort of eye drops came on. The fast talking disclaimer included “must not be used if you have herpes of the eye” and I asked “Herpes of the eye? How the heck do you get that?!”

Himself replied “Watching too much porn, probably.”


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4 Responses to the best laid plans, etc

  1. jerseechik says:

    o. m. g. Like you needed something else. God has obviously ordered a Rest Week for you. So, can you drive #4 to school tomorrow, or will he stay home and watch BBC period pieces for you, or what?
    Wish I had a pic of the “post-clubbin'” look.

  2. Barbara says:

    Please don’t think ill of me for completely guffawing at that last part….

  3. Bella Rum says:

    Yes, I guess you could say you’ve been under some stress. I’m glad you found out what it is. Hope it clears up soon.
    Terry had a great sense of humor.

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